Why Authors Should Watch TV

I’m often asked where I get my inspiration from. When I thought about my answer seriously, I realized that television plays a large part in my ideas, my characters, and my scene settings.

I follow a lot of authors on Facebook and Twitter and I try to keep up with various forums on Goodreads, Shelfari, and LibraryThing. What I’ve recently learned is that an overwhelming number of authors shun television. I don’t know if they consider their literary prowess to be above the act of watching TV or if they view the activity in itself to be severely lowbrow. Or maybe they just spend all their time writing. Regardless, I think shunning television is a grave mistake.

Learn more about why authors should watch TV at my Guest Post on Suzanne Van Rooyen’s blog! And be sure to leave a comment either there or here!

(Please note that at the time of this writing, there are two due dates for Blood in the Past listed in the article. ONLY the first one, June 19th, is CORRECT. Winter 2013 is the expected release for my next book. Again, June 19th is the correct release date for Blood in the Past. Thank you.)

22 thoughts on “Why Authors Should Watch TV

  1. I stopped watching TV altogether about four years ago. I imagine it might be useful for writers in very specific niches, but I’ve also read articles pointing out that using TV for a reference for anything like police procedures can lead a writer into making a lot of mistakes that will affect how informed readers will view your books.

    TV was never any kind of inspiration for me, though it would have been if I were interested in writing about the amount of trash that people are willing to waste their time on. I have absolutely no problem coming up with story ideas or doing whatever research I need. There’s this old-fashioned thing called books. And tons of websites that offer real information on an enormous variety of subjects, not the sometimes dubious offerings of Wikipedia.

    • Hi CS McClellan, thanks for stopping by. Though I must admit my concern with the fact that it seems as though you didn’t click that link that would have brought you to my full guest post. The full guest post that included several bulleted points. The full guest post where I specifically state that although television series’ use real-life consultants, additional research should be conducted to confirm any basic ideas you may come up with. Sorry you missed that. Also, since I didn’t state what venues I use for my research, other than the Crime Scene Writer group where I get to chat with dozens of real-life law enforcement and medical professionals, I’ll just reassure you here that I do have access to those “old-fashioned things called books.” Plenty of them right in my living room, in fact. Some even on the bookshelf of my desk. Imagine that.

      I’m glad you don’t have problems coming up with ideas. I never said I did. And the dozen people or so people who liked this post probably don’t either. What I was saying is that inspiration can be found anywhere. Any artist, in any medium, knows that. And I should think that someone whose blog tagline is “Follow your own path” would be more accepting of a post like this, not condescending and irascible.

      But again, thanks for stopping by.

      • Actually, I did read the entire post, so what I wrote is based on what you said, not on what I *thought* you said. I didn’t comment there because signing in with Discus was a requirement. I stand by what I said. And you, of course, are free to disagree with it.

  2. I enjoyed the post.
    I, too, find inspiration any and everywhere. I believe that’s what art is all about. I especially love the way each artist has his/her own way of taking things in and releasing them creatively!
    Looking forward the release!

  3. Hey Jordanna,
    I agree with you; there’s a lot of inspiration from TV whether an author watches shows or movies. And I’m not just saying this because I’m a huge couch potato LOL.

    Keep smiling,

  4. I blogged similarly once (inspiring TV). There are some great shows with great writers who really know how to keep the audience involved. I think this is due to more cable networks commissioning shorter seasons of show runner lead programming. Think Justified, Leverage, Banshee (my new fav), etc. Add in some good actors and you have yourself some inspiration for writing.

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