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You may have noticed a few clues about my debut novel on the About Me page. You’ve come to the right place to learn more! Read on.

Blood in the Past is the prelude novella that introduces my debut collection, the Blood for Blood Series.

Blood in the Past 2



To understand the future, you must visit the past…

Ten years earlier:

Jillian Atford finds herself in an unthinkable predicament. Unable to resist the arms of an older man, a handsome Philadelphia cop no less, Jillian is caught in a reality she chooses not to accept…the gleaming gold band on Calvin Kyle’s ring finger.

Lyla Kyle discovers the body of her mother, dead on the floor from an apparent suicide. Blaming the hands of her philandering father, Lyla wastes no time seeking revenge.

In a heroic attempt to save a colleague from his burning home, Detective Jason Brighthouse Sr. ends up in the wrong place at the right time. When neither makes it out alive, Brighthouse’s son, Jason Jr., can only harp on their last words, a bitter argument. In despair he takes a gun to his head…his father’s gun.

Three lives. Three deaths. One story that will entwine their futures forever through consequences, revenge, and obsession.

Blood in the Past: an introductory novella to the Blood for Blood Series.

Available now via Blood Read Press. Read the opening scene HERE.

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Blood in the Paint is the first full-length novel of the Blood for Blood Series.

Blood in the Paint Cover

Ten Years Later.

Jillian Atford is a successful psychologist with a lavish office in Center City Philadelphia. Despite overcoming past trauma and anguish, she cannot shake loose from the feeling that her newest client reminds her of someone.

Lyla Kyle, an accomplished artist, lives a rather quiet life–except for nights when she lures married men into her tangled web and murders them, all in a never-ending quest to avenge her mother. Yet, the nightmares of her mother’s death prove unrelenting, leading her to seek professional help.

Jason Brighthouse Jr. is a young Philadelphia police officer who lives in his father’s shadow and is troubled by the constant ridicule that surrounds his ambition. As he sets out to make peace with his colleagues, he remains confident that the key to their respect lies in his ability to connect the recent spate of suspicious deaths to a certain dark-haired temptress. In a turn of events, he justifiably takes a man’s life while off-duty. Mandatory leave requires him to obtain psychological clearance prior to returning to the force.

As current circumstances bring them together and the truth of their pasts unfolds, who will be left standing?

Three lives. Three deaths connect them. The present unites them.

Available now via Blood Read Press. Read exclusive character excerpts HERE.


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