No Jerks. That’s What Friends Are For.

This past weekend Hubby-pants and I visited some dear friends of ours down in Maryland. They were so gracious and hospitable, the memory of will warm my heart for days. Here’s how it all started. A few days prior to our trip, this text message exchange took place, sparked by a 90+ degree forecast for their area:

Me: Please tell me you have AC.

J: We have central air. No one is gonna pass out.

Me: Had to ask.

J: Fair enough. You need fluffed pillows and lime slices for your water?

Me: F*** You! …I take mint leaves in my water.

J: You can’t say “F*** You” and then say mint leaves.

Me: Cucumber slices? Sliced thin though.

With that last message, I created a monster. I went on to say that I was “accustomed to a certain lifestyle” and at that moment was drinking “chilled Akura green tea in a frosted mug with German rock sugar.” I was serious about my current beverage choice, but I was joking about the snooty lifestyle part. In return, he jokingly told me to keep my ass home. It’s okay, I know he didn’t mean it.

Anyway, on the day we made the trip, when we were about ten minutes away, this next text message exchange took place:

J: You okay, dude?

Me: Ten minutes out.

J: Ok! Your cucumber water is waiting.

Me: Sliced thin?

J: I don’t like you.

Little did I know, THERE WAS ACTUALLY CUCUMBER WATER WAITING FOR ME! His lovely wife had made some with lemon and cucumber slices and everything! Muddled and marinated and ice-cold and just pure refreshing awesomeness! And that’s why I love them! She even made homemade white sangria.They brought us to a seafood restaurant on the Baltimore Harbor that night and to a Latin Rum Bar in Annapolis for lunch the next day. We even had satin sheets! All around great time. I highly recommend Hotel My Friends if you’re ever in the Jessup, MD area.

AND they signed up for my mailing list. You guys should probably do that too, since I’m sending the opening scene to Blood in the Past out exclusively to subscribers on Wednesday, June 5th. Sign up here!

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