Vacay Day 5

Today was supposed to be a “relaxation” day. I put the word “relaxation” in quotes to annoy my Hubby-pants. (Sorry Hubby-pants) He always makes fun of me for wanting to do things on our vacations and being incapable of sitting still in the sun and vegging out. Don’t get me wrong, I can sit back and read a book. But I can read a book at home. Why waste time reading a book during the day on vacation when I can read it before bed then wake up and do something awesome? Anyway, that’s my take on vacations and Hubby-pants just isn’t picking up what I’m putting down. Oh well.

So, yeah, today was supposed to be a “relaxation” day. We were going to go to the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge (which only has a 1/2 mile trail), then find a secluded beach off of the same road to set up shop and “relax.” A nice compromise of doing something and “relaxing.”

I’m going to pretty much skip over our experience at Pea Island because it was a complete bust. They “front load” the very beginning of the trail with lots of snapping turtles under a little bridge and some fish jumping out of the water. You start the trail thinking, “Hell yes, oodles of wildlife up in here!” Then there was virtually nothing. A few birds, but nothing we hadn’t seen on other parts of the Outer Banks. Oooh! There was also a raccoon, but it being day time, Hubby-pants wouldn’t let me get close enough to get bit and die of rabies get a good look. I should’ve explained the theory of YOLO to him. Again, oh well.

After the disappointing wildlife trail, we found some dunes along the side of the road, parked, and headed over them toward the ocean. We set up shop and it was amazing! Not a single soul in sight. Then I saw a crab!

Then another…and another…

A few feet away from us a crab popped its little face out of a hole. Suddenly I realized we were vastly outnumbered by crabs. Literally dozens and dozens of crabs. Everywhere you looked you could see something moving. Once I realized they were emerging from the holes in the sand, I started to notice just how many fricking holes there were.

When we quickly packed up and left it was purely coincidental to the sheer volume of crabs, I swear.

I named this one “Tango.” I think he was the scout crab, delivering intel to the head crab plotting to lead the assault against us.

Still no writing done today, folks. Go ahead, shake your heads at me. Type “SMH” in the Comment Section even. I deserve it. But I am almost finished with the book I was commissioned to review. Plus, tomorrow is another “relaxation” day…hopefully on a mostly crab-free beach.

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