Vacay Day 4

Remember yesterday when I said the hubby and I went to Corolla in search of the wild horses and found nothing but hoof prints and horse poop? Well, today we headed out to Ocracoke Island in search of ponies. We loaded the 4Runner onto a ferry that scared the crap out of me (I’ve never been on a ferry that just welcomed over a dozen vehicles, each weighing a ton, and kept it moving) and drove the rest of the way to the tiny village of Ocracoke. When we arrived at the Visitor’s Center, they told us we passed the ponies but there were like four other things we could do in their little town. Disappointed, we started the drive up the one main extremely narrow road and saw a place where we could rent golf carts, rather than try to navigate the area in the SUV. We selected one with “monster tires,” as my husband put it, and set out. We drove on every single road we could find…and several roads that we shouldn’t have, given the rules and limitations we signed off on. Shhh, don’t tell them. We had a blast.

Badass little golf cart that could.

Somewhere in our explorations we found another lighthouse. I think someone said it was the oldest operating lighthouse in the country or something. Who knows. These people are way too serious about their lighthouses.

Lighthouses. They’re kind of a big deal…

We stopped for lunch and I took this picture of a pelican. I love them. If they were found in New Jersey I’d find a way to write them into my book. Possibly along with the golf cart.

In light of the conclusion of yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to name the pelican “Melinda.” Because I don’t give a flying Melinda what you think. 😉

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