Vacay Day 6

This post is a little late, as we got in a little late last night. Just pretend it’s yesterday.

Since the house we rented for the week is a minute’s walk to the ocean and a minute’s drive to the sound, we decided we wanted to see the sunrise and sunset in the same day. We woke up early, zombie-walked our way to the beach, and watched the gorgeous sunrise over the ocean.

When you rub the sleep out of your eyes, the colors are even more vivid.

Then we went back to the house and went to sleep…

When we awoke a few hours later we spent the day on the beach. I finally finished that book I was asked to review. Still no writing. I guess I’m not a vacation-writer. Don’t judge me.

Next we went home and Hubby-pants hit the grill. We ate 3 pounds of steak. Such gigantic steaks that we didn’t have room for the veggie kabobs and baked potatoes. Oh and we ate most of that meat in like 17 minutes because we were racing against the clock to see the sunset. But when we got to the sound there was a large, mushroom-shaped cloud blocking the sun. Bummer-sauce, but not a really big deal. Maybe we’ll revolve next year’s vacation around whether or not you can watch the sun set and rise in one day.

At night we set a bonfire on the beach under the full moon and lived happily ever after. The End…of day 6, anyway.

Don’t worry, we had a permit.


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