Don’t Feel Like Blogging, so Here, Look at This:

You guys may have already seen this, either on Goodreads or someone (like me) posted it on Facebook and you were one of the twelve lucky people that Facebook actually let see it. Didn’t see it? Oh goodie! Take a gander!


This infographic fully lets me off the hook for leaving Moby Dick out to dry like a piece of salt-cured sea jerky. What about you? Does this illustration offer any insights into your own reading history and habits?

6 thoughts on “Don’t Feel Like Blogging, so Here, Look at This:

  1. I couldn’t finish the Casual Vacancy either… I may attempt too again one day. As for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo the book was hard to get into. The sequel was better the third was just awful and I wouldn’t read Fifty Shades if you paid me. Lol. I’m in the first chapter category though. If you can’t get me hooked within the first few pages I don’t expect it ever will.

    • It’s so funny that I loved the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and so many people I know didn’t enjoy it at all. Then I watched the American movie with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara and loved that, too…which brought more ire to my world, haha. Didn’t try Casual Vacancy. Will never try 50 Shades, not even as a coaster for a giant, sweaty mug of frothy beer.

      • Well considering how much I enjoyed the movie I was tempted to read the book. I really don’t know what to say about TCV and I know how you feel about Fifty Shades… I think I’ve made my feelings on that quite clear lol

  2. Hahaha I abandoned Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for that exact reason — too slow, too boring. I struggled through the first third of the book, and by then I just couldn’t handle it anymore. My friends insisted I was about to get to the good part, but … man, I shouldn’t have to read 200 pages just to get to the good part!

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