Bores & Snores from A-Z

As I’m beginning to follow more and more writers in the blogosphere, I’m seeing more and more of the Prompt Phenomenon. People are doing 30 Days of Prompts, 365 Days of Prompts, and the exceedingly fun Prompts from A-Z challenge thingy. Me, personally, I’m afraid to partake in such an activity. I’m new to writing and I’m terrified that my brain will run out of creativity just witing my novel. Then I went and added a blog to the mix, so I really feel like my creative capacity is stretched a little thin at the moment. But I enjoy reading the prompt posts from other writers, so you guys continue to rock out.

But the other night (Monday night/Tuesday morning, to be exact), I was awake at 4am. I didn’t need to be awake at 4am. I didn’t want to be awake at 4am. But there I was. And as my mind was wandering around thinking all kinds of random tangential thoughts, such as:

Easter is soon.” “Mmm, chocolate bunnies.” “When was the last time I had a chocolate bunny?” “Sometimes chocolate bunnies taste funny.” “Haha, bunny rhymes with funny!” “My grandma use to refer to the comics section of the newspaper as the funnies.” “I miss grandma”

…you get the idea. Anyway, somewhere in there I started thinking about prompts and how I wish I had a pen and paper and a list of purposely boring prompts on my nightstand to help me fall back asleep. I didn’t exactly go from A-Z, but here’s what I remember coming up with:

  • Abacus – You know, those ancient counting thingies with the beads. There couldn’t possibly be an interesting story there.
  • Barley – Ever talk to a Vegetarian? I rest my case.
  • Cellulose – Take my word for it, anything having to do with organic chemistry is boring. I should know, it took me three tries to pass it in college.
  • Foreign Policy – Snore! How childish of me, I know. But if I were president, meetings with other nations would go something like, “Do you wanna blow us up? No? Well I don’t wanna blow you up either. Let’s all go and get some FroYo. You do have FroYo here, right?”
  • Golf – Handicaps, par, birdies, eagles, sparrows, whatever. Shut up unless you’re going to explain to me the golf world’s obsession with birds.
  • Politics – Again, I know this is very irresponsible of me, but politicians are boring. That’s why no one pays attention. If they made it more interesting, more people would get involved. Hell, if they made it more comprehensive, more people would get involved. But they keep it boring on purpose so they can pull the wool over our collective rolling eyes. Curse you politicians!
  • Taxes – its Tax Season, which has got to be the most boring “season” of all. I can’t imagine that there is a single Tax Specialist out there that is also an insomniac
  •  Yarn – Not knitting. Stuff a person knitted themselves can be interesting. Especially if they are knitting me a pillow case to be used after I try to write something fun about yarn.
  • Zucchini? –  I dunno. Words that start with Z are pretty fun. Might I suggest writing stuff using only prompts that begin with the letter Z? I think I’ll try that after my book is finished…

Speaking of my book, I finished Chapter 14 Monday night. I was pleasantly surprised that when I went to open up the document to revise and edit the chapter, it didn’t really need much tweaking. I want to being working on Chapter 15 today, but first I have to ask my Mother-in-law how to kill people. Don’t ask, I’m saving that for another post. But in the meantime, Happy Prompting!

Oh, and since I recently surpassed 1,000 site views, I created a Jordanna East Facebook Page and Twitter Account. Check them both out, but try not to judge too harshly when you find them both pretty bare. I literally just created them. Right now they’re in that newborn-baby-horse-fawn-trying-to-stand-on-its-own phase. But everyone loves a baby horse, right?

8 thoughts on “Bores & Snores from A-Z

  1. I agree that prompts are a bit of a bore unless you are just desperate for some writing practice. But when you have scheduled time to write… then write. If you are stuck on the current project, then write to your muse, your cat, your favorite house plant, or a prompt, whatever works until you are unblocked. Never stare at a blank page during writing time. The blank page grows huge and ominous and wraps you like a boa (the constricter kind, not the feathery kind that tickle your nose.) Personally, I write to my muse and ask her what the heck is up with the dry spell, I rant at her until she relents and sends the brilliant next chapter my way.

    Good Things,

    • First, very funny bit about the boas. ; )

      And yes, when I have trouble writing I just do something else that still has to do with my novel. I edit some parts of it, read it over, or just reread my characterrific flash cards (yes, that’s what I have and that’s what I call them). Never thought of writing my muse though. Not sure if I know how to get in touch with her? Is your muse, by any chance, friends with my muse? Haha

  2. I like your FroYo Foreign Policy. I might vote for you for President! You could start a whole new party founded on the principle that countries that eat FroYo together won’t kill each other.

    And I’ve been writing probably since before you were born and I don’t do any of those writing prompts either. Not out of fear though. I think a writer only has so many words a day and if you use them up on random prompts, you won’t have any left for your “real” writing. Of course, the same rule holds for blogging too, which explains why I still haven’t finished my third book.

    • The world would be more peaceful if it adopted a worldwide FroYo policy, just saying.

      And hear, hear for agreeing with me on the “I only have but so much creativity, what do you want from me” stance.

  3. I’m a huge fan of prompts (doing one a day through 2012) because I see it as writing practice. I read recently on another blog about flexing your writers muscle, ie, just like a body builder, you need to work that writing muscle. It has really helped me come up with story ideas and improved my writing no end, I think 🙂


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