A Muse Should Come With Pen and Paper

I will post formally tomorrow, as promised (really gonna stick to that Mon/Wed/Fri thing)…but, I just wanted to vent about the fact that I spent a good portion of my day staring blankly between a blank Word Doc with only the words “Chapter 15” at the top of the page and a scribble-scrabble outline of said chapter. THEN, as soon as I step in the damn shower, an interesting idea hits me. So…

Dear Muse,

Please stop scheduling your visits to coincide with my sleepy time, behind the wheel time, and soapy shower time. Thanks.

Love, Jordanna East.


PS, if this doesn’t work for you, could you at least bring a pen and paper and possibly offer to take notes if my hands are otherwise engaged?


(Mind out of the gutter, Muse!)

16 thoughts on “A Muse Should Come With Pen and Paper

  1. Oh, this is always my problem! And then by the time I get somewhere where I can write it down I’ve either forgotten it or it’s been twisted so it’s ridiculous :/

    • The only thing I could think of would be to hire a personal assistant to ride with you at all times, pen at the ready. Otherwise, you’re an accident waiting to happen as you funble for your notepad app, digital voice recorder, etc. If they would hurry up and make cars like The Knight Rider, we’d be all set though.

  2. I hate inspiration in the car, because I can technically record what I want, by talking into my phone, but that just feels dangerous. I know they make a pad an pen for the shower, but when I’m in there, I just kind of think that sentence over and over until I’m done.

    Sleep…I tend to wake up, write/type something up, and then attempt to fall back asleep.

    • Yes, dangerous. And I don’t know where you are, but you can get pulled over in my area for having a cell phone in your hand.

      I’m looking into the shower pen/crayola marker thing.

      Sleep is tricky. I usually put the idea in the notepad app on my phone, but sometimes my cats knock it over and I have to search for it and by the time I find it, I can’t remember the frickin idea.

      Thanks for stopping by JJE!

      • well I live in the city, so don’t drive, but when I did. I would simply press the record button and lay it in the passenger seat, so I didn’t technically have it in hand.

        Safety is always first.

        Thank you for stopping by my blog. I like yours as well!

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