Chapter 11? Check!

(Still not talking about bankrupcy, by the way)

So, last night I finished writing Chapter 11. I’d have to check, but I feel like it was much longer than the previous chapters. If this turns out to be true, I blame the “Amazon Reviews Effect.” I recently received a Kindle Fire (thanks Hubby!) for Christmas and have been reading novels in my genre (crime/suspense/thrillers) at a fanatical pace. Anyway, I also peruse most of the reader commentary, just to see what writing styles people appreciate…or abhor. And I notice people really like authors to “flesh out,” aka provide an abundance of details. Now, my book has plenty of details, but I found myself adding even more details. Really getting in there and fleshing out, and I think it was for the bettter…Which means, when the book is finally completed, I’ll have to re-visit the first ten chapters and be sure they are sufficiently fleshy.

Well, people, I believe I promised you the first line of my novel today. Here it is:

“It was 8pm Friday evening.”

Just kidding! I mean, that is the first sentence, but I’ll give you a little more. Here’s an excerpt from the second paragraph:

“Her make-up was flawless…She was ready. She took one final glance in the mirror and grabbed her purse. It was bigger that what most women would have chosen to pair with her delicate ensemble, but then again, she wasn’t most women; and, everything she carried was necessary if she wanted the night to run as planned.”

Keep it mind, it still needs to be “fleshed.” Until tomorrow…

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