A Break from Chapter 11…

No, I’m not bankrupt silly! I’ve been working on Chapter 11 of my novel all day and even though I am this close to finishing it, I have to step away. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chapter 11, but I just need some space right now. Too much dialogue. When I write a bunch of dialogue between different characters, I tend to feel a bit schizophrenic after a while. But, you gotta do what you gotta do for character and plot development, right?

Speaking of which, I promised I would post a little about the actual book. To answer most everyone’s question, NO, its not a memoir. I’m really not that interesting (BUT, I am interesting enough to write a blog, so click that little ‘FOLLOW’ button people!). So, my book is a so-far-untitled crime novel that follows a female serial killer. That’s right, a female. We can be cunning and ruthless too, dammit. Oh, and she’s totally hot!

Tomorrow, I’ll post the first line of my book! (And maybe a little more *wink, wink)

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