Jerks & Irks LIX: E-Book Extras?

Last week, I posted several reasons for loving my Kindle. Were any of you wondering if there was anything I didn’t love about my Kindle? Because there’s one tiny thing. Well, I’m assuming it’s a tiny thing because I’ve never heard anyone else complain about it.

What am I rambling about? Allow me to paint a picture for you. I am about to start a new book. I pick one from the TBR list I keep on my phone. I search for the title in my Kindle’s library. I click on the novel I want to read and my Kindle opens to…the first page of the first chapter.

That just drives me batty, guys.

I wanna read the fore-matter, dammit!

I wanna see the cover art again! Especially if it was particularly eye-catching.

I wanna read the list of other books by the author! What if there’s something I’ve heard of, but hadn’t attributed to the author? What if I fall in love with the book and want to read more by the author? Wouldn’t it be helpful to think, “Oh, there’s that list at the front of the book that I can look over!”

I wanna see who the author deemed worthy enough to dedicate the book to! In our current society, where we can follow authors on Facebook and Twitter and get to know them intimately, why wouldn’t I want another peek into the author’s life? Why wouldn’t I want to know who inspires and drives their creativity?

I wanna see the Table of Contents! I want to know how many chapters I’m getting into and what’s waiting for me at the end of my read. An epilogue? A bio? What???

I wanna see any other extras the author decided to include. An introduction or an epigraph, perhaps. These things set the tone for the novel. Don’t deprive me of that!

Why are you robbing me of these things, Kindle? WHY?

Am I crazy? Does anyone else feel this way? Am I the only one who sees the first page of the first chapter pop up, sucks her teeth, and rapidly swipes backward to see everything I missed? Even the damn copyright page? Tell me I’m not alone, guys!


21 thoughts on “Jerks & Irks LIX: E-Book Extras?

  1. iBooks has this feature too and it’s exhausting. I think somewhere they think they’re helping but it’s frustrating. Quite a few books, I’ve noticed don’t even have the cover art in the book itself, it’s like you get the tiny shelf version and that’s it, like… guess I didn’t want to really get a good look at that cover. Thanks.

  2. That’s funny. I am the same way. My husband and I have this discussion WVERY time we start a new book on Kindle. I ‘go to’ the cover and start. I wish there was a feature where you could select if the book launches at the start or at the cover. I did t think to mention it last time. ~Gail

  3. In most cases it’s automatic based on formatting where the ebook opens. It can be worked around but I am not sure if it’s possible on the ebooks uploaded in Word format. My peeve is ebooks with no Table of Contents…I want to know what all is in the book and what ‘extras’ are in there (teaser for other books, Author Bio, Author contact info, other books etc.)

  4. That’s quite funny actually. I just moved all of my extra data to the BACK of my ebooks. It was at the front and meant that when people downloaded samples they were just getting that data and none of the actual story!
    Though I must admit, when I get a new book and open it up, I do go straight back and start from the cover. Just to see what everyone else has done.

    • Yeah, I heard a lot of authors have been advised to do that with their ebooks. I didn’t do it with Blood in the Past because there wasn’t much fore matter. If I had a longer table of contents or maps or something, I might think about it though.

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