Jerks & Irks LII: Scumbag WordPress

Many of you may have received an email yesterday, notifying you of my Wedding Anniversary blog post. You got to see the awww-inducing picture, read the excerpt from Blood in the Past, and learn about the e-book version of my book being free in honor of me and my husband’s special day. Then you either clicked on the post’s title and found it was a broken link or you clicked on the Amazon link to my book and found it to be regularly priced. How embarrassing.

All because WordPress is a jerk-face.

I was crafting that lovely post, scheduling it for TUESDAY, our actual anniversary, and the first three times I previewed it, the picture wasn’t there. Then, the fourth time, the picture posted, but I didn’t like the size. So I went to edit it, and then, somehow, WordPress posted it immediately. WTF? I hit update! I never hit the EDIT button to change the scheduled date and time! Ugh!

Anyway, I hope everyone can overlook yesterday’s snafu and enjoy tomorrow’s post. Enjoy the picture (I don’t share a lot of myself, so savor the moment), enjoy the excerpt from Blood in the Past (it’s a proposal scene, so it’s related to the occasion), and, of course, enjoy the day of FREE downloads.

Jordanna East, out.

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