Vacay Day 2

Hello all! Really enjoying my anniversary week in Outer Banks, NC. Today is our actual anniversary (One whole year!) and what a beautiful day it was!

Twelve stories of really steep, spiral stairs. Rocky shouldn’t have wasted his time at the Philadelphia Art Museum…

We visited Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, tallest on the East Coast. We paid the $14 to climb to the top, the equivalent of twleve stories. Note to self, I should really hit the gym hard when we get back home. I almost died. But besides the blustery wind at the summit and my incessant gasping it was a lovely view.

Next we went to Jockey’s Ridge, tallest active sand dunes on the East Coast. When hubby first told me he definitely wanted to check them out, I scoffed. Seen one sand dune, seem ’em all, I thought. Heavens to Betsy, was I wrong! They’re gorgeous! The pictures don’t do them justice. If you’re ever in North Carolina, don’t scoff, check them out. We climbed to the top of the largest hill, and…did I mention I should hit the gym? But it was worth it, even if I almost died.


So, I know what everyone’s thinking: Are you getting any writing done, Jordanna?

Umm, see what happened was…

Okay, so not yet. But I am halfway through the book I’m slated to review soon. That’s right, my first commissioned book review from a total stranger. I’m flattered that someone gives a flying Melinda what I think. Who’s Melinda? I have no idea. I’m on vacation.

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