What My Wedding Has to do With Self-Publishing

The Hubby-pants and I have been married for almost a year. When we were planning our wedding every single vendor adored us. Except maybe the head of the ceremony musicians. She was kind of a snot. But everyone else loved us. A few months after the wedding our caterer (Summit Catering, if you’re in the market) asked us if we would be interested in having our wedding featured in a local wedding magazine.

Awesome-sauce, right? Not really. More like Mediocre-sauce.

We FINALLY received copies of the magazine last month and  both of us were gravely disappointed. The blurb at the top of the feature contained several typos. From the spelling of the place where we met to how long we were together before he proposed. Then there were the pictures. Our photographers (ART WORK Photography, if you’re in the market) were phenomenal. We have well over a thousand photos. The editor from the magazine picked some lovely photos, but a couple of them ended up darkened. Some of her other choices I just didn’t agree with. But the darkened ones really burned my tush because they were of items that I personally made for the wedding. (I’m crafty like that.)

Now here’s where it get’s interesting.

Something I created was not shown correctly.

And just like that I knew -really knew- why I wanted to self-publish. We met with the editor of this magazine in person. Her and I must have exchanged over two dozen emails. And yet, she still found a way to muck it all up. We trusted her with showcasing our special day and were disappointed with the end result. I can’t do that to my novel. I can’t pour so many hours of blood (sometimes I bash my head against stuff), sweat (it’s been a hot summer), and tears (I cry when it’s hot and I bash my head against stuff) into my literary baby then hand it off to someone and be absolutely, 139%, without a doubt, SURE that the finished product will be exactly how I wanted it. So, in conclusion, that’s why I’m gonna kick it with the Indie Authors next year. 😉

By the way, the ceremony musician lady didn’t like me because I wanted too much say in what pieces were played during our wedding and when. She was used to working with brides that let them play whatever the wind blew their way. Another inidicator that I have control issues, huh?

Oh, and if you want to see the train wreck of a wedding feature, click here, and don’t judge.