How I Got My Book Into an Actual Bookstore!

I cheated. Plain and simple.

Okay, maybe I just cheated a little bit. It’s not like I had a friend distract the shopkeeper (Do people still say ‘shopkeeper’?) while I shoved a stack of Blood in the Past paperbacks on a shelf between Gillian Flynn and Dean Koontz.

You see, I belong to a couple of local writing organizations and one of them recently gave me a job. Of sorts. You’re now reading the blog of the South Jersey Writers Group new Account Manager! Please hold your applause. As such, I’m in charge of stocking the local bookstores and cafes with the group’s anthologies and any other books published under their press company, Hypothetical Press. Last Saturday, the president of the group, Amy Hollinger, invited me to join her to have coffee and meet a couple of the vendors, in the hopes it would make the transition easier (meeting the vendors, not drinking coffee).

The first contact I met was the owner of The Book Asylum in Blackwood, NJ. Amy gave her spiel and the owner readily purchased five copies of the current anthology, Tall Tales & Short Stories, as well as five copies of a member’s book, What to Expect When You’re Dead.

I must admit, I was a little nervous to even bring up the fact that I had a few copies of Blood in the Past in my purse. After all, I’m not published under Hypothetical Press, I’m published under my own company, Blood Read Press. Plus, the shopkeeper (Yes, I’m sticking with this antiquated term for now.) had already shelled out quite a bit of money to pay for the other titles. But it turned out that the woman was very nice and we ended up staying to chat and we even tried to get a little writing done, which really only led to more chatting. Then a regular customer joined us and we were all having a merry ole time when the newcomer asked me what I was writing. I immediately pulled out a copy of Blood in the Past for her the flip through and, wouldn’t you know it, the shopkeeper (Stop judging me, it’s my new favorite term.) immediately asked if I wanted her to stock my book as well!

Over the moon, I handed her the other two copies in my purse and quickly decided the affiliate price would be $5/copy so she could sell them for $7 and make a little profit. Yay!

I know. It’s only two books. That’s all I had on me at the time, besides the one the customer was looking at that I’d hoped she’d buy, but didn’t. But it gets better. While discussing that I was working on the next installment in the series, she offered to host a new release signing in her store! Yippie! (Keep checking the Events page for details!)

I plan to drop off more copies in a month or so when I stop in to iron out the details of the signing, but it looks like it might be as simple as finding a friendly shopkeeper and talking up your work! I’m sure it also helped that I’d showered and dressed somewhat nicely, too.

If you plan on doing this with your own work, might I suggest the following:

  • Create a spreadsheet listing all the businesses you intend to visit. Include the name of the point of contact (AKA shopkeepers), phone number, address, email, and a running tally of how many books you last stocked them with, as well as whether or not they paid you in advance or on consignment.
  • If someone pays you for your books up front, write them up a receipt on the spot (I believe you can find receipt pads at any office supplies store) or email them one later THAT SAME DAY. Don’t dilly-dally because you don’t want them to forget about the transaction, delete the email because they have no idea what it pertains to, and then have no record of your arrangement.
  • Keep a folder where you store your copies of the receipts. You might need them to prove your arrangement to another worker in the store and you might even need them at tax time.
  • I didn’t have these at the time (It was snowing and there was only so much I could tuck safely into my purse), but I recommend creating a flyer about yourself and your work and having it on hand so the store can create more of a display and shoppers know they are supporting a local author. You might even want to invest in some upright plastic sign holders in case your books are going to be displayed on a shelf.
  • Be friendly! If you’re gonna walk in there like the grumpy starving artist we all know we can be sometimes, you’re probably not going to get anywhere. Just saying.

Now, before you guys head over to The Book Asylum in Blackwood, NJ and fight over those two copies of Blood in the Past, does anyone have any questions?

I’m a Reader’s Favorite!

Okay, I’m exaggerating. Blood in the Past is a reader’s favorite, not me. At least, according to I submitted my little psychological thriller for review last summer, shortly after its release. I never opted to pay for the expedited review, choosing instead to just wait patiently and forget all about it. My review is finally here, folks! And it’s a FIVE STAR REVIEW! Eek! Here’s what they had to say about my novella:


Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite

Actions have consequences that can sometimes go beyond what we think. Blood in the Past demonstrates exactly how tragic those consequences can become in this thriller by Jordanna East. When a handsome Philadelphia cop, Calvin Kyle, takes notice of Jillian, she can’t help falling for him even though he is married. Though he promises that he is about to leave his wife, Jillian continues to hang in limbo, while still hoping for the home and family that she has never had. When Lyla Kyle found her dead mother, the victim of what had officially been ruled as a suicide, she is certain that her womanizing father is somehow to blame and she decides that she must find a way to avenge her mother’s death. When Jason Brighthouse Sr. rushes into a burning building to save a police colleague trapped in the flames of his home, he does not return alive and the devastation is immediately felt by his son. Along with his devastation came a decision that his life was no longer worth living and using his father’s pistol, he ends his life. As one tragedy turns to another, it is hard not to miss the chain of events that lead from one action to a series of consequences.

This hard hitting, yet honest look at how something as innocuous as wandering eyes can lead to so much tragedy makes Jordanna East’s thriller a novel to remember. With the turning of each page, the plot thickens into a pool of blood that just continues to spread from one seemingly innocent little affair. Truthful, hard-hitting and tragic, Blood in the Past is an excellent start to the Blood for Blood Series which is certain to leave cold chills running down your spine.


Welcome Back, RH Ramsey!

Just beneath ll 2 (2)

RH Ramsey might as well have her own room around here. Or at least a drawer in the dresser and a toothbrush in the bathroom. She’s graced the blog before and, today, she’s at it again. Everyone, please welcome back Ms. Ramsey as she chats about her newest release, Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon’s Story.

I enjoy blurring the lines between antagonist and protagonist. For, sometimes in life, there’s no one chasing us, making things difficult for us, sucking the life out, or trying to kill us; sometimes, it’s all in our heads.

I mean, have you noticed that we chase, drain, and complicate things for ourselves, causing us to perish by the day? Yes? Well, I agree. And for these reasons, in Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon’s Story (which is not a continuation of Just Beneath the Surface I) the main characters are their own demons.

Landon Adams has come from a place of darkness, pure evil, and Hell. He feels that he has escaped this darkness, and that everyone around him should focus less on the way he’s escaped, and more on the fact that they are stuck in in past. Seven Dickinson is hotheaded beauty. She allows other people, her past issues with poverty, her anger, and her insecurities, to drive her.

In Landon’s opinion, Seven is live entertainment for her friends, family, and anyone who stops to watch her in action, all in the name of being right. Still, Landon sees so much more in her. He finds her warm, loving, selfless, and self-sufficient; she doesn’t need him, at least, she doesn’t realize she doesn’t. And, aside from fighting, swearing, and behaving like someone who should spend a few nights in jail, Landon feels all she needs is a bit of direction to bring out the beauty he sees in her.

Soon, the magnetism that blossoms between them is undeniable. Before long, the magnetism becomes obsession. As time goes on, obsession brings out the monsters Landon believed he had successfully tucked away neatly under his bed, in a pretty little box with a bow.

In Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon’s Story, I remember being very inspired by writing something that, for me, was a bit outside the box. I say this because, when I first started writing and completing books in 2004 or 2005, I felt I had to have a madman chasing a good guy in order for the story to be, well, a conventional story. This changed with Landon’s Story, as I wanted to write something that spoke to the internal struggles, the good guy vs. bad guy conversations, and, most of all, facing trauma in a way that helps us, not sets us several years backward where the pain rears its ugly head. Internalizing, numbing ourselves, pretending, stuffing things under our beds in pretty little boxes with bows, never pays off.

A psychological thriller/suspense (maybe, I think), this story brings you into the mind of a seemingly normal man, into the psyche of a guy who wants the same thing most of us seek: unconditional love. Into the moments of romance, possession, hurt, help, and love, all wrapped up in one. Then, slowly, as the story unfolds, down deep into the valley of sickness, control, and obsession you go.

The superpower of control he once possessed turns to kryptonite. Wires are frayed and shocking that carefully constructed mind – the mind of Landon Adams of Just Beneath the Surface II.

Thanks, East, for the opportunity to share.

You’re very welcome, Ms. Ramsey! Thank you for taking the time to ‘stop by’ and lead us through your motivations and inspirations.

And, without further delay, here’s my review of Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon’s Story:

I received an ARC of JBTS2 and though the polarizing characters, that I didn’t personally identify with, aren’t likable, they stuck with me for days. The novel starts off slow, as the relationship drama builds and sets up, but you can see that–you guessed it–there’s something ‘just beneath the surface’ once again. Landon is one of the creepiest characters I’ve ever read on a page, but I wanted to feel sorry for him. And that’s a sign of talented writing. Well done, RH Ramsey. You’ve done it again.
Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon’s Story is available in e-book and paperback on Amazon. Get your copy soon and check out RH Ramsey’s other releases, too!

What I Learned About Author Events: Part 2

Many of you will remember that Blood in the Past was originally available in e-book only. Then something strange happened. Friends and family and acquaintances and Hubby-pants’ coworkers were asking for a print version. I started to realize that even though my own Kindle is never more than seven inches from me and much of the population has embraced digital reading, there’s still a substantial chunk of readers that prefer holding actual dead trees in their hands. And I was neglecting them. And that wasn’t all. I belong to two local writing groups and they often organize signings and author panels. Not having a print version of my books to sell at those events put me at a disadvantage.

So in September I made Blood in the Past available in paperback and in October I had three, count ’em THREE, author events. Last week I discussed my very first event. Today I’ll discuss the second event, what a train wreck it was, and what I learned from it. (This will be a three-part series as I share my experiences regarding each event.)

My second event, the week after the Collingswood Book Festival, was the Witches Ball. You may remember my experience with the Witches Ball from a recent Jerks & Irks post. If you missed that post, you can go back and read all about the minutiae of that annoying ass day. Be my guest. But don’t get me wrong–the opportunity itself was great and I’d love to do it again next year. The Witches Ball is a Halloween-themed Festival, geared toward adults, with musicians, a beer garden, and vendors of all kinds. It’s an event designed for people drawn to the macabre, so writers of thrillers and horror fit right in. The best part about it is that it is NOT an author event. Let me explain…As an author, you have to think outside the box and think of yourself as a craftsman, as a vendor. The author I shared space with sold vampire fiction and between her books and my own psychological thrillers, we had a lot of people stop by our tables. And I’m pretty sure we were the only authors there. Unfortunately the weather was just shy of awful and I was only there about two hours and only sold two books. But let’s see what I learned:

  • The Witches Ball is an outdoor event and the weather looked unfavorable. There was talk it would be postponed to the following weekend, so I dragged my feet preparing my box of wares and printing out my vendor instructions and parking pass until the last possible moment. FYI the turnout for postponed events is usually far less than that of the original date, so event hosts will hardly ever postpone if they can help it. I learned this later, so plan on the event taking place. Also, print out any relevant information the moment you receive it because I accidentally deleted the email with the vendor instructions and parking pass (see the aforementioned Jerks & Irks post) and it kind of ruined my life.
  • Last week, I said to remember to take care of yourself in terms of the weather? This week I learned you have to prepare to take care of your merchandise in terms of the weather. It was very windy and after a while it started to mist and drizzle. This was the first event where I had to provide my own table and display. I brought a card table and a cheap plastic tablecloth, but as soon as I got there, the wind prevented me from even laying the tablecloth down. So that’s one thing I learned: spring for a heavier tablecloth and/or bring tape. Hubby-pants suggested buying clamps of some kind. I don’t have any more outdoor events until next year, but that’s something to look into.
  • After I managed to tame my tablecloth, the wind disrupted everything on top of the table. My standing signs, my business cards, the decorative throw cloth I bought to disguise the cheap plastic tablecloth. Even my stacks of books, since they’re so lightweight. It was a mess. When I managed to steal a few peeks at the author I was with, her table was adorned with decorated paperweights and those marbles fancy people put in vases. I’ve already bought some of those and they look really nice even at indoor events where they’re not needed. I might also invest in a banner that lays flat on the table to take the place of my standing signs, in the event of another windy day.
  • Did I mentioned that it rained? I need a tent. ‘Nuff said. (I’m saving for one.)
  • One other thing I forgot to mention was that the Witches Ball was held at night. Halloween, geared toward adults and the macabre…you might have guessed that. But if you’re selling BOOKS at night, and people need to READ the back covers, and SEE your other merchandise, you should probably have some artificial light on your table. Again, I was forced to check out my fellow author’s table. She’d been to the event before and had several battery-operated lanterns and tiny-tap-lights she’d bought at the dollar store. I don’t know when I’ll have another outdoor event at night, but I’ll definitely keep my eye out for something that matches my current display.
  • Finally, I want to talk about interaction. Last week I spoke about how terrified I was to talk to anyone about my book, which probably hurt my sales. At the Witches Ball, Kristen, my fellow author and vendor-space-mate, helped bring me out of my shell a little bit. Her table was quite elaborate and attracted a lot of attention (as did her costume and candy), and she was always kind enough to mention me and my books, the genre, etc, while ushering people to my table. She would even ask me questions to get me talking in front of the potential readers, even if they were the same questions over and over in front of each new group of people. Once people got to my table, I felt a little more comfortable talking to them, since I had been “introduced.”
  • So what did I learn? Always prepare for the show to go on. Always print out any relevant documents right away. Always prepare for the weather and time of day in every way imaginable. And just like last week, customer interaction is key. The people I spoke the most to, bought books, even though I was cold, wet, and my wig was crooked. Refer to the picture below. 😛


What I Learned About Author Events: Part 1

Many of you will remember that Blood in the Past was originally available in ebook only. Then something strange happened. Friends and family and acquaintances and random people on Twitter (okay, that was only one person) were asking for a print version. I started to realize that even though my own Kindle is never more than seven inches from me and much of the population has embraced digital reading, there’s still a substantial chunk of readers that prefer holding actual dead trees in their hands. And I was neglecting them. And that wasn’t all. I belong to two local writing groups and they often organize signings and author panels. Not having a print version of my books to sell at those events put me at a disadvantage.

So in September I made Blood in the Past available in paperback and in October I had three, count ’em THREE, author events. Today I’ll discuss the first event, how I handled myself, and what I learned from it. (This will be a three-part series as I share my experiences regarding each event.)

The first event was my town’s Book Festival. My town is small and cute and quaint and they often shut down the main street for fairs and stuff. From what I’m told, the Book Festival started off as a very pitiful affair and has grown to be the big deal that it’s been in recent years, so I was excited to take part. The South Jersey Writers Group bought a space to recruit new members as well as promote their anthology, Small Tales and Short Stories (written by members), and they were generous enough to open up their space up to members who had their own works to promote. Here’s the run down:

  • I got there a few minutes before the festival started, thinking I was early. All I had to do was put a sign and a stack of books on a table, right? Wrong. Everyone was already there and all the good seats under the tent were taken. Bummer.
  • I sat in the sun, not under the tent. I wasn’t prepared for the unseasonably hot autumn day. I should have brought a hat, worn sunblock, had sunglasses, etc. I even had to borrow a scrunchie from my Hubby-pants (he has long, flowing hair now) because I wore my stupid, curly hair down. I had been so busy worrying about my books and my business cards before I left the house, that I forgot to take care of myself. I can’t let that happen again.
  • The SJWG had two tables. The one under the tent was where their anthology and the members’ books were displayed. The other table was where the sign-up sheet for new members was laid out. I spent most of my time there, as those were the seats that were most frequently rotated. I suppose this is advice for the group, but I think the anthology would have been more useful on the table with the sign-ups, as a recruiting tool. At least a few of them. Also, SJWG had a couple of members out in front of the tables to try to flag people down and draw them to the tables. My husband was out across the way and he said that those members were actually blocking the tables from view and when passersby couldn’t see what the table was about (be it ours or the ones on either side of us), they kept it moving. The “hype man” concept may have seemed like a good idea (it certainly did to me from behind the table), but it actually ended up hurting us. I’ll remember that for next year when I have my own table.
  • This was the event where I learned just how terrified I am of talking to strangers about my book. I eventually worked up the nerve to talk to people about joining the group (and I got very good at that), but when a spot opened up to sit behind MY OWN BOOKS at the other table, I balked. Pathetic, I know. But I did watch as one author in particular would engage people when they picked up his book. All he would say was, “It’s a political thriller.” Not much. Simple, did the trick. I made a note of it.
  • I sold fifteen books at this event (some were after the fact, after we’d broken the tables down, on my way home), but only three to strangers. A lot of my friends and a few of Hubby-pants’ coworkers purchased books which was awesome, but one of the other authors, a professor at Rutgers University, outsold me (he was the only one to do so). Granted a lot of his students visited, but he stood up, he interacted, and he was generally a likable character. (He also had an affable British accent that I couldn’t compete with.) Who knows how many strangers he sold to.
  • So what did I learn? I need to get there early if I’m sharing a table. To prepare not only my box of wares, but to prepare myself for the day ahead. I learned a little about how to set up the display and how to run the table. And most importantly, I learned that interaction with the customer is key.

Did you enjoy this post? Be sure to check out Part 2 and Part 3 of the series!

Does Your Significant Other Read Your Stuff?

That’s right, folks! I’m back from my mini-vacay and already it’s back to business as usual! Fresh in my inbox this morning was this interview with me by the lovely Elena Dillon. She is one of my peeps on Triberr and I contacted her for a review of Blood in the Past a while back. She happily obliged, and enjoyed my novella so much, she offered to interview me! Well, isn’t that sweet!

Here is her review:

“The author keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat. No slowing down for this story. I was interested in the character motivation. I found them complex and thought provoking. I immediately wanted to know what made them tick. I don’t want to give too much away but I’m looking forward to the next installment of the story so I can find out what happens next!”

And here is an excerpt from our interview:

Does your significant other read your stuff? He absolutely does! Which is amazing to me because he hates reading. I know, an author married to someone who hates to read. But yes, it’s true. He usually reads my WIP’s as I’m writing them, chapter by chapter. And he’s very astute and tells me when I miss something, which is often helpful. Although I released Blood in the Past, a prequel, first, I wrote it second. Therefore, Hubby-pants was able to read Blood in the Paint, the first full-length follow-up, first, then Blood in the Past. It was great to see his reaction at having read them in reverse, his appreciation of the way I had tied certain things together and left other things hidden. My favorite moment though, had to be when he read the cliffhanger ending to Blood in the Paint. He just stuttered for about five minutes. “Wait, but, I mean, what? Shouldn’t? Wouldn’t? Who? Wait! WHAT?” Hahahaha! Priceless. What do you do to unwind and relax? Writers unwind and relax? I can’t seem to get characters and plot twists out of my head. I must be doing something wrong…

Okay, so maybe I was able to relax a little bit the last few days while Hubby-pants and I were away for our anniversary mini-vacay. That’s not the point, but more on that tomorrow, with pictures and observations. Anyway, if you’d like to read more of my interview with Elena Dillon, please visit her blog.

Also, as of this writing, Blood in the Past is currently #5310 in all of the Kindle Paid store, #6 in Serial Killers, #63 in Psychological Fiction, and #86 in Psychological Thrillers. That’s not really related to anything, I just felt like bragging thanking all of you awesome, loyal fans. And if you haven’t read it yet, maybe you should. 🙂

Interview At Creative Difference!

The incomparable Sandra Hessels, all the way on the other side of the world in the Netherlands, where her website is kind of in Dutch, has interviewed me on her blog! Don’t worry, the interview is English. Here’s a snippet:

How do you find your readers (as a self-pubbed writer) and reach the largest possible audience? Right now the three biggest mysteries of the world are: 1. What is the meaning of life? 2. Is there life outside of Earth? 3. Where are the readers? Haha. It feels like we, as authors, are all still kind of marketing to ourselves. We ‘like’ each other on Facebook, we follow each other on Twitter, we read each other’s blogs, et cetera. So, I have no idea. I hold out hope that other authors are like me and read a book a week? But I don’t pretend to know where the readers are. My research has suggested that the most effective marketing tools are Pixel of Ink, BookBub, and eReader News Today. Basically, they are services that have already found the readers, but they hog them for themselves, and authors have to (sometimes) pay them to tell the readers about their books. Figures. Do you have to do a lot of self-marketing or do you have help? I don’t really have help. A couple of internet pals pitch in here and there and share stuff for me when they can, which I appreciate with the warmth of a thousand kittens, but I don’t have a street team or an assistant or anything. I post to my blog and my Facebook author page most regularly, but I also post to Google+ and LinkedIn, and of course, Twitter. I’m a member of various reader sites, Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, and so on. And I’m always scouring the internet for websites that showcase authors and their books. According to your Twitter bio, you love killing off characters. Is it that easy? It’s very easy. George RR Martin and I should go for drinks (Game of Throne fans, the books or the TV series, know what I’m talking about). He and I would toast our frosty mugs and laugh over making our readers become attached to certain characters, even root for them, and then we break their hearts, thus giving our readers PTSD. It would be a grand old time.

If you would like to read more of my interview with Sandra, which I would totally recommend, then please click this link to her blog over at Creative Difference. You know you want to learn a little more about me, because, well, I’m fascinating.

Also, don’t forget, there’s still time to enter to win a signed copy of Blood in the Past over at Tonya Kerrigan’s blog, so you should also head over there, follow her blog, and leave a comment telling her that she’s awesome, you’re awesome, and I’m awesome, and together we’d all make an awesome-ass club sandwich of some sort. (Okay, maybe that’s creepy, but I don’t know she’s picking the winner and maybe creepy will give you an edge.)

AND, speaking of paperbacks, Blood in the Past is now available in paperback! For real this time! On Amazon! Linked with the ebook! So you can see all 32 reviews! Yay!

The Proof is in the Print! Paperback is Here!


Today is the day!

Well, today is supposed to be the day. I approved the proof of Blood in the Past for paperback days ago, but so far it isn’t available yet on Amazon. I’m told it should be there within a day or so. No worries though. If you absolutely can’t wait, there’s always Createspace. It’s there right now for $6.99. And, of course, the lovely Tonya Kerrigan is holding a contest on her blog where you can enter to win a signed copy! (Hubby-pants thinks I should sign the winner’s copy with, “Thanks for the support! Love, Jordanna East #YOLO SWAG.” Yeah, I’m not gonna do that to you if you win. I promise.) So, head on over to Tonya’s blog, read my favorite excerpt from Blood in the Past, check out her amazing review (there are now 32 reviews, 20 of them FIVE STAR!), and follow her directions to WIN! Good luck! Go!


Gotta LOVE being able to HOLD your own book!

Jerks & Irks LI (50): The Birth of a Domain Name

I’m very excited this week! The proof copy of Blood in the Past arrived at my doorstep last week. I scanned it, made a few changes, and it looks like my little novella will be available in print starting Wednesday, September, 18th. Right on time!

With this moderately monumental accomplishment in the works (yes, I’m aware that ‘moderately monumental’ is an oxymoron, but I think it’s fun), I decided to attempt to finally build a Blood Read Press website. I went with They seem to be the host site everyone goes to when they want an easy, free website and they don’t want their business to be associated with Danica Patrick taking her clothes off (ie

So, I sign up. Easy enough. First things first, three options: pay $40/year to register, use for free, or – if I’ve already registered – I can use that domain name and they will attach it for me. Of course, I don’t want to pay $40/year if I don’t have to. I Googled how to register a domain name and a site called came up. $5/year! Well, my stars and Milky Way bars, that’s a deal! I purchased my domain name. But at check out, I find that they added some kind of security thingy to hide my personal information from spammers for $11. I couldn’t care less, so I removed that item from my cart and went about my purchase, and subsequently, my life.

The next day, I received an email from informing me that since I didn’t sign up for their personal information security add-on, said personal information isn’t guarded against identity theft. Hold up. How did we go from SPAM to IDENTITY THEFT? Red flag, much? Scare tactic to get my money, maybe? I definitely think so. Especially since the email went on to say that my information – my name, email address, mailing address, and phone number – were now available on some WHOIS database. But that statement had an asterisk next to it…with the asterisk leading to a disclaimer that my info might not affect the WHOIS database at all. Absolutely shady. What a bunch of jerks.

Since my domain name has already been purchased for the year, there’s nothing I can do but stay with this shady little company and count down the days. I think I have 363 to go…

You get what you pay for, huh? But hey, Blood in the Past is in print this week! Eek! Giveaways and reduced ebook prices are on the way, too, so be on the lookout!

BLOOD IN THE PAST Will Soon Be In Print!

That’s right! I’m about to kill some trees!

When I first published Blood in the Past back in mid-June, I based my decision to offer it only as an e-book on my own reading habits and the reading habits of those closest to me. I read from my Kindle and only from my Kindle. It’s the most convenient form for me. I can read anywhere, without having to lug heavy books around in my purse. I can read at night, without needing a lamp on. If I finish a book while away from home, I don’t have to twiddle my thumbs, I can select a new book from the hundreds already on my Kindle or hook up to Wi-Fi and buy another. Most of my internet peeps feel the same way. Hubby-pants and I even got my mother-in-law a Kindle Paper White for Christmas last year and she loves it.

But after I published and I was all excited and posting FIVE-STAR-REVIEW excerpts on Facebook, friends wanted to support me. (Thank you, friends!) But they hadn’t yet embraced the digital era of reading. They kept asking if they “could buy the actual book.” I felt dumb responding that if they didn’t have a Kindle, they could download the Kindle app to most devices. While true, they just weren’t of the ilk who felt comfortable reading a book from a screen, even a rather short novella.

But guys, I majored in Biology in college. Charles Darwin was my homeboy. If you don’t adapt, you die out. That being said, the lovely folks at LionheART Galleries have reformatted Blood in the Past for print and the incomparable Kit Foster has expanded the cover.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00009]

Blood in the Past will be available for purchase September 18th!

What’s even better? I can do signings and events! I already have THREE lined up for October! So…I’ll be adding an EVENTS tab to the top of this site pretty soon. Keep an eye out!

Now for the best part! I know, your minds reel that there could be more…

In honor of this announcement, you can get the Blood in the Past e-book for only $0.99 today through the end of August (8/28-8/31)!