Introducing Blood Read Press…Continued

Last I left off on this little quest, I had to visit the Social Security Administration to change to my married name on my Social Security Card, since I thought that was what was holding me back from applying for my company’s Employee Identification Number on Here’s what’s happened since then:

  • I checked the website repeatedly to see if it would let me complete my application. It did not.
  • I checked some more. Way past the allotted “24-48 hours for it to change in their system” time period. No dice.
  • Received my new Social Security Card in the mail. Checked again. Still no dice.
  • Called 1-800-F*CK-IRS or whatever their number is and talked to a lovely lady stationed in a Midwestern office who spoke way too slowly for a native New Yorker such as myself to bear. I think her name was Susan.
  • “Susan” informed me that changing my name with the Social Security Administration had no bearing on the IRS’s records. Because why would government bodies communicate with one another?
  • “Susan” completed my EIN application for me over the phone. It took forever, given her midwestern sloth-speak. (No offense to Midwesterners. You guys have to know you speak slower. Feel free to make fun of New Yorkers. We’re mean, snobby, etc. Have at it.)
  • “Susan” then hands me some bad news. She can’t put my business in my married name. She has to put it in my maiden name c/o my married name. Because that’s not retarded.
  • At the end of the call, I received my EIN over the phone. Hooray! But I’m told that when it comes in the mail, I have to write the IRS a letter asking them to kindly remove my maiden name as the sole proprietor and to please just use my c/o name. And they could actually remove the whole c/o part, too.
  • Armed with my new EIN, I then go back to in search of how to apply for my Tax ID. After many, many minutes, I finally realized that EIN and Tax ID are the same thing. *Sigh*
  • A few days later I went to the bank to open a business account. Mary helped us. That’s definitely her name so I won’t be using any quotations when referring to her.
  • Mary hooked me up with a lovely little business account…except…
  • She misspelled my company name. Instead of Blood Read Press, she spelled it Blood Rad Press. Gosh dammit Mary! Hubby-pants says it’s because I over-emphasized the A when I spelled it for her. You see, it’s a pun. Pronounced Blood Red, so I’m sensitive about people misspelling it. Apparently a bit too sensitive. So that was exactly a week ago and my company’s business account is still listed as fricking Blood Rad. Yes, still. Way past the allotted “24-48 hours for it to change in their system” time period. I’m still awaiting the correction.

PS: The awesome Blood Read Press logo pictured above was designed by Kit Foster. He’s eleven flavors of awesome-sauce.

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