Jerks & Irks VIII: Construction Irk-er

It never fails. I’m in my “office” –better known as the living room couch with a netbook balanced on my lap– and I’m typing away (or checking facebook). Its gloomy outside. The sound of raindrops pelting the leaves in the trees outside is hypnotizing. My eyes get heavy and all but fall off of my face. I decide to relocate to the bedroom. I get under the covers, cuddle up with whichever cat is closest, and close my eyes. Then BAM!

Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…High pitched scrape. Bang, Bang, Bang. Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…Scrape…

Power Tools.

The house on the corner is undergoing seemingly extensive renovations. I say “seemingly extensive” because I feel like the construction has been going on since Obama’s FIRST presidential campaign. And in a delightful twist, they only ever seem to work on the damn house when I’m trying to sleep in or take a nap.

“Hey, that chick up the street? Nice job keeping her awake today!” “I couldn’t have done it without your power saw, man.”

In their defense, most everyone else on the block is at work. And I’m sure they are indeed  working through the whole day (despite frequent and generous breaks – lucky ass union workers). Unfortunately, I never happen to notice them toiling away when I’m awake, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed. And that, my friends, is IRKSOME.