Verb, verb, verb. Verb’s The Word!

Have you ever read a book that stayed with you? What am I saying, of course you have. (And if you haven’t, mine should be out in 2013, wink, wink) Anyway, the trilogy I just finished reading is still bouncing around in my head. Not just because it was awesome, which is was. Not just because I related to the characters, which I did. And not just because I can’t wait to read more from that author, which I can’t. No, what’s sticking with me most is the limitless array of verbs the author used. I know you’re like, “Verbs, Jordanna? Really? Get a life chick.” But, I’m serious.

When you read articles and blogs about how to improve your writing, they always make mention of verbs, more specifically action verbs. And Jonathan Maberry is the master of action verbs. He walks around with little action verb peons doing his every bidding for him day and night. And I, for one, bow down at his masterful feet.

I mean, nothing his characters did was mundane. No one walked anywhere. They trudged, wandered, strolled, and lumbered. Not a single soul saw anything. But they glimpsed, scoped, surveyed, and beheld. And when the characters needed comfort, they didn’t hold each other. They clasped, grasped, clutched, and squeezed. It was inspiring, to say the least. The possibilities are endless. And the best part is they’re endless for all of us writers. So pull out that thesaurus from your bookshelf or download a thesaurus app for your phone or hire a midget with an extensive vocabulary. Do whatever you have to do to make your scenes stand out. Your readers will thank you.

Disclaimer: I love and respect “little people.” That is all.