Is It REALLY a “Novel” Idea?

Many times when I tend to my ebook addiction and scroll through hundreds of titles to download a few dozen books, I find something that I think is odd: book titles such as “Vampires: A Novel,” “Romance: A Novel,” and “Meat Cleavers: A Novel.” Obviously, these titles aren’t exactly real (Although, I didn’t do a search ahead of writing this, so I suppose they could be real. If they are, please don’t sue me. I don’t have anything).

What’s my beef? I don’t necessarily get the “A Novel” part. I thought the fact that it was a novel was implied by the number of pages and the fact that it’s one continuous, fictitious story? What makes more sense is to find titles such as “Vampires: An Anthology,” or “Meat Cleavers: A Musical.” These denote something different from the norm, with the norm being the novel. So why do authors do this? I know it sounds like I’m hating on these people and their books, but actually, this is a cry for help. See, I don’t enjoy hating on something blindly and ignorantly. I like to have all the facts. So, if there’s a reason why authors add the “A Novel” at the end of their titles, I demand to know about it! I would appreciate an answer to this so I can either understand the phenomenon or continue hating, but in a more educated and informed manner. Thank you and good day.