Jerks & Irks X: Publicity Punk

Over the weekend I came across someone on Twitter (I know, right? I haven’t been suspended¬†for a fifth time yet.¬†So exciting!) and they also have a blog here on WordPress, That Fantasy Blog. While perusing, I came across a post about a writer whose plan was to hitchhike across the country and document people’s kindness. Sounds like a decent enough concept if you like that sappy sort of thing. During the course of his cross country adventure, he was shot by someone who pulled over while he was thumbing it.

*Gasp, the horror! And, strangely, the irony.*

But the joke’s on us, because the JERK shot himself! That’s right, in an effort to draw publicity to his writing venture, he shot himself in the arm. In my opinion, he should have shot himself in the Good & Plenty’s. Not that it would’ve done much damage, because it takes balls to be a writer and since he felt the need to cheat, well I suppose he was equipped with Good and Not So Plenty’s. Personally, I think this is even worse than the James Frey Scandal. What’s next? Should I kill a few unsuspecting married men with injections of succinycholine and propose that my novel is actually based on a true story? Gimme a break! What a JERK.