Everything I Do Should Come With a Disclaimer

I write psychological thrillers. Some might even call them Crime Thrillers. Do you know what that means? It means I have to look stuff up. Even though I was a Biology major with minors in Psychology and Criminology, I still have to Look. Stuff. Up.

Recently I needed to know a little something about heroin. I needed to know about its different forms, what it looked like, and how to prepare it for injection. Some of this was accomplished through asking certain friends and acquaintances with some knowledge on the subject (Second-hand knowledge, of course). The rest was done via numerous web searches. Oy, the internet thinks I’m a dope fiend…

You know what else I had to look up? Under what circumstances an individual could survive a self-inflicted gunshot to the temple. Oy, the internet thinks I’m a suicidal dope fiend…

Tis my life, ladies and gentleman. Oh, and I can’t even fall back on my charitable donations to the Purple Heart as a testament of my good character. These are some of the titles I donated the other day:

  • The Death Penalty in America
  • Murder 2
  • A Scream in the Dark
  • Killers at Large
  • Murderers Row
  • Female Serial Killers
  • Manhunt
  • Serial Killer Files
  • Born Evil
  • The Creation of a Serial Killer
  • Without Conscience
  • The Sociopath Next Door (Those last four titles are probably the creepiest.)

And this was all within the last month or so…

Sometimes I think I should write about puppies…

Or add a disclaimer to everything I do so I don’t come across as a sociopathic, suicidal, dope fiend…

What does the internet think of YOU?