Vacay Day 7


”If you give your wife a fish, she’ll eat for a day. If you teach your wife to fish, she’ll utterly demolish you in number of fish caught for the day.” And so went our last day of vacation in the lovely Outer Banks of North Carolina. We rented equipment and Hubby-pants taught me to fish off of Avon Pier. I caught a fish with my first cast-out. A few minutes later I caught two on the same line. All said and done I reeled in THIRTEEN FISH!! And I hooked two others that flopped off the line before I could fully reel them up. C’est la vie, haha. (Hubby-pants did catch some, six I think. I was too busy counting my own, tee hee.) As for writing, epic fail as the oft-overused saying goes. Tomorrow will resume our regularly scheduled blog programming. Thank you to everyone who hung in there for seven days of non-writing/reading-related posts. 🙂