Jerks & Irks XI: Bullied? Baloney!

I’m sure most of you follow the news. And by news I don’t mean Oprah’s interview with Kim Kardashian about the latter’s relationship with Kanye West. That’s not news. That’s a mockery of the entertainment world. But anyway…

Recent headlines have been swirling around the bus monitor who was caught on camera being bullied by the student bus riders. The video went viral and some sap started a collection for the lady that has raised over $500,000 for the her to take a vacation. I don’t know what kind of vacation bus monitor lady plans on taking, but I’m pretty sure the moon itself is now an affordable option.

So why am I irked?

First off, I have a HUGE problem with the anti-bullying campaign. I was bullied as a child. Most people were. My generation and those before me just dealt with it. If you were smart, you stood up for yourself. You fought back even. And I don’t know of anyone who has fought back against a bully and the bullying did not cease to continue. So when did we start coddling those who were bullied? When did they get so soft? When did bullying start ruining people’s lives forever? I just don’t get it. Bullying is supposed to toughen you up. If you’re not bullied early on in life, then childhood is such a dreamboat that when life actual hits you later, rocks your dreamboat with a tidal wave, you fall overboard and drown. I’m not saying bullying makes the world go ’round. And I’m not downplaying the unfortunate cases of suicide. But I do believe that bullying is a necessary evil.

So now we have this GROWN ASS WOMAN who was bullied on a bus. At her JOB. Where she was PAID. We all know that kids are A-hole-hats! Therefore, being a bus monitor is going to suck. It’s expected. It’s part of the job. Don’t like it? Get a new job. The economy is tough? Then suck it up and be thankful you have a job. As Hubby-pants said, “It’s like a sewage worker being upset that they smell like poo.” (Yes, we’re like-minded people.)

So I guess you can say I’m irked on a number of levels, but most of all, the fact that this lady gets half a million dollars to play with. She gets rewarded for being bullied and not doing anything about it (I read somewhere that she refused to report the bullying to the school system so the children could be reprimanded. WTH?). I can think of at least a dozen other professions whose workers deserve a vacation more than this lady.

Now I’m sure this blog is going to alienate me and might even cause me to lose a few followers, but so be it. All I ask  is that you strike a respectful discord in the comments section below and don’t send an angry mob to my house. But if you do, know that I’ll be filming the whole thing and a collection will be started in MY name and I’LL get to go to the moon and you’ll feel sheepish.