A Dose of Friendly Deja Vu

Good day all! Just logged into WordPress to discover that the wonderful Whitney Rains over at A Serendipitous Happenstance (I’m always so scared I’m gonna spell that incorrectly one of these days) nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award and also tagged me with the Lucky 7 Meme. Since I’ve recently participated in both of these (and I’m running out of things to say about myself and other bloggers to nominate), I’ll just ping back to my previous responses. I hope y’all don’t mind! (That was said in a country drawl, irregardless of the fact that I’m from New York. I don’t know…) Again, I would like to thank Whitney for thinking of me not once, but twice. Everyone should go visit her page right now and stuff.

You can find my response to this award here. I strongly urge you to check out the bloggers nominated there. I also strongly urge you to drink more tea, it’s good for you.

You can find what I did with the Lucky 7 Meme here. Enjoy.

A Beautiful Day to Be Beautiful

Someone thinks I’m a beautiful blogger and that someone is Bill over at This Page Intentionally Blank. Even though I’m the beautiful one, he’s pretty nifty himself so go ahead and spend some time on his page.

Here are seven other beautiful blogger peeps:

1. Catherine, Caffeinated

2. SBibb’s Photo Illustration

3. Jill of All Trades…Expert of None!

4. Kate Policani

5. Cult of Racewood

6. yawattahosby

7. Lynn Reynolds

At the risk of being cliche, all of these bloggers are beautiful in one way or another. So follow them dammit. And when you’re done, follow me on Twitter and Facebook because we all know you can’t get enough of me! 😉





Holy Blogger Awards, Batman! (Last one, Scout’s Honor)

I’ve been busy clogging up the blogging world today, what with all my fantabulous followers nominating me for blog awards and whatnot. This is the third (and final) one:

This honor was bestowed upon me by Matt over at wantoncreation. Apparently he appreciates me or something. Personally, I think he’s just overjoyed that I’m also a tea enthusiast! Regardless, if you’re a writer, or a reader, or just a human being with an internet connection, you should strut on over to his blog.

The rules for this award are pretty straight forward, just like the rest: thank the brilliant mind that appreciated you, post the award image, tell the blogosphere what you’re up to these days, then nominate six more bloggers.

Right now, everyone should pretty much be aware that I’m writing a novel. It’s my first novel, a psychological thriller. My main characters are a female serial killer, a young cop determined to connect a series of seemingly unrelated deaths, and a psychologist with a questionable past. Their lives are colliding and intertwining rapidly and…well, it’s a doozy, take my word for it!

Matt awarded those who support his blog and all his endeavors. I’m nominating those whose blog posts help me with my own writing. I appreciate their knowledge and their willingness to help others, like me. In short, they’re awesome-sauce.

1. Jennifer M. Eaton

2. Stadler Style

3. The Writer’s Advice

4. write, aubrey, write

5. Word (en)Count(ers)

6. Writing and Rambling


Once again I’d like to thank everyone who has nominated me for an award this week. I’d also like to apologize because apparently my MO is to let said awards pile up and then bombard you all with a marathon acceptance post or just multiple acceptance posts in the same day. But thanks for being so patient guys! See everyone on Monday!


Holy Blogger Awards, Batman! (2)

This will probably be the only day I post more than once, so bear with me. I just posted a couple of hours ago about my 2nd Kreativ Blogger Award and now I’m going to blog about my Sunshine Award from the very bloggeriffic Kate Policani! She is an accomplished indie writer and everyone should head on over there and check her out. (PS: She said she likes my blog design and my photo! Score!)

So here goes. I thanked Kate, I added the award image, now here are my ten questions/answers, followed by some really radiant recipients (say that ten times fast!) of my Sunshine Award love.

1. What is your favorite childhood memory? I don’t really have one, but if a gun were to my head, I suppose I would chose the sleepovers with my godsister.

2. What is a real fear you have? I answered this in the earlier post, but to reiterate, if I lost my husband I would lose my mind.

3. How would you describe yourself? I wouldn’t, I’m too negative.

4. What is your style? I’m a bit of a tomboy. I like comfy clothes and I don’t wear heels unless I have to.

5. What is your favorite breakfast food? Double chocolate chip pancakes.

6. What are some of your hobbies? I’ve sunken all of my free time into writing (which I wouldn’t call a hobby since I want to eventually make a career out of it), but I used to enjoy drawing, painting, and being an overall Crafty McCrafterson.

7. If you could tell people anything, what would be the most important thing to say? The Yankees are the greatest professional team in the world. No, haha, I would tell everyone to tell their loved ones that they love them whenever they part because you never know if you’ll ever see them again (and you don’t want the last thing you said to them to be “Go Yankees!”)

8. What is one of your passions? Getting ready for the zombie apocalypse.

9. What is the one truth you have learned? Sometimes y0u have to let go.

10. There were only 9 questions on Kate’s blog so I have no idea what to ask myself. Feel free to ask me a tenth question in the comments section if you really think you’ll lose sleep over it.

Nominees (they all make me smile, just like a sunny day. Get it? Sunshine Award?)

1. Peri @ Life and Laughter

2. Tonya @ Tonya Kerrigan’s World

3. Ellie @ EllieBloo

4. Brenna @ How I Met Ted Mosby

5. alittletoohonest


Only five nominees because I have three awards to receive today and I’m running out of people! One more award later today and I’ll be done, I promise.

Holy Blogger Awards, Batman!

Wow, I’m so humbled by all of the thanking I have to do over the course of the day!

First up: the exceedingly lovely Vikki over at The View Outside has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Vikki leads all my followers in comments on my blog, so I’ve dubbed her my number one fan. I’m enamored that she sees my scatterbrained attempts at writing a novel as “kreativity.” Do stop by her blog as soon as you can. Not only is she just the sweetest, she’s also a fellow writer. And she happens to be doing a series of blog swaps (in which I am participating in later this month), so get to know her and you could be next!

We all know the rules here, thank the blogger, answer the 7 questions provided, list 7 personal facts, and nominate 7 fellow bloggers.

1. What is your favorite song? Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.

2. What is your favorite dessert? It’s a tie between Tiramisu (just like Vikki!) and German Chocolate Cake.

3. What do you do when you’re upset? My husband was just talking about this at his job yesterday. When I’m upset I lash out violently. Punch walls, throw objects, break stuff. If I just absolutely must refrain from this behavior, then I cry…and eat chocolate.

4. Which is your favorite pet? My current two cats are my favorite, may my previous cats over the years rest in peace.

5. Which do you prefer, black or white? Black definitely. Looks sleek and doesn’t get as dirty. But if we’re talking about a NYC black & white cookie, I prefer the white side, which is weird considering my affection for chocolate.

6. What is your biggest fear? Right now, losing my husband. I’ve lived through so much loss in my life, but if I lost him, I would not be able to go on, literally. When we have kids, my biggest fear will naturally be expanded to the loss of any of them.

7. What is your attitude mostly? This changes with the situation. I can be friendly. I can be rigid. I can be tough. And if the Yankees keep starting a pitcher I can’t stand, I can be homicidal.

Seven quick facts:

1. I have a small beauty mark on the right side of my face, but ironically I think the the left side of my face is more beautiful, haha.

2. Of all my tattoos, my best one is actually a cover-up of my worst one.

3. I’m a Yankees fan, in case you weren’t paying attention.

4. I’m allowed to be a Yankees fan because I grew up near the stadium, unlike the bandwagon Yankees fans who aren’t even from New York. Posers…

5. I’ve been suspended from Twitter 4 times. Don’t ask.

6. I hate beans. Beans of all kinds. Lima, Baked, Navy, etc.

7. I am a novice tea enthusiast, much to my husband’s chagrin (who has to foot the bill for said tea enthusiasm).

My nominees (I hate this part, so many great bloggers out there!):

1. Madhu @ The Urge To Wander – an inspiring travel blog with gorgeous photo prompts for those who need a “kreativity” boost.

2. Tyson Adams – I love all the graphics and comics about the writing process.

3. @GrumpyComments – Gotta love “kreative” grumpiness!

4. Stefanie Snider @ sniderwriter – I may or may not have nominated her before  …That’s how much I like her blog.

5. Richard Flores @ The Flores Factor – Helpful info for us writers, presented in a non-boring fashion. Haha.

6. Sarah Wilson @ Bookish – Her Fake Fan Fridays crack me up.

7. Sharon C. Cooper – Great writing stuff, plus excerpts from her new book!


Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? Because I’m thinking I should put the other two awards in separate posts…this was a long one & I’m sure everyone’s eyes have long since glazed over. Til then…



Jerks & Irks VI: Awards (Yay!) & Twitter (Boo!)

For those of you keeping track, the JERKS at Twitter have suspended me for an IRKSOME third time! I won’t bore anyone to a twitching wretch of their former selves with another firsthand account of my extreme displeasure, so just click here and change the date of the post in your mind. Also, if you feel like helping out the cause, email help@twitter.com and inform them that they’re morons for continuously suspending my @JordannaEast account. Personally, I think they’re just jealous of my networking prowess.

To ensure that the evil-doers over at Twitter don’t win, I will try to focus on the positive: Two extreme NON-Jerks have nominated me for blog awards.

The lovely Whitney Rains over at A Serendipitous Happenstance nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. She is working on her first novel as well and I enjoy knowing I’m not alone in my endeavor. Bloggers like her make me feel like I belong to a First Novel Writer’s of the World Support Group. For my duty, not only must I give her a shout out for the nomination, but I also have to share 7 facts about myself and nominate 15 others.

Fact 1. I own ten pairs of Pumas. Not ten pairs of large cats, but the sneakers. I used to sort of collect them. Then I started to enjoy having money to feed myself. Now I wish I just had a plain pair of white ones to go with everything.

Fact 2. My favorite color is red. My phone is red. My camera is red. My Kindle cover is red. My Xbox controller is red. You get the picture. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, my blog is pretty red too.

Fact 3. I’ve been married for seven months and have yet to have my license changed because I hate the DMV. In fact, DMV should stand for Devil of Motherf*&%ing Vehicles.

Fact 4. Rain water touching my face REALLY freaks me out. If it’s raining and I’m walking somewhere on a crowded street without an umbrella…oh my god I can’t even finish that thought.

Fact 5. Snow touching my face doesn’t bother me at all. I find it quite refreshing.

Fact 6. Both my cats are named after foods (Muffin & Peanut). Those weren’t their original names, but they have evolved over time.

Fact 7. I actually enjoy sharing odd facts about myself.

Here are my nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award: A Portia Adams Adventure, Sharon C. Cooper, Cult of Racewood, D.C. McMillen, Sharkbait Writes, In and Out of Place, and sniderwriter. Okay, so that’s only seven blogs, but I have two awards to nominate people for! Anyway, they are all exceptionally entertaining and I implore you to give them a gander.

Jai Farris nominated me for the Liebster Award. I’m thrilled because I was the first blog listed. I’m sure that didn’t actually mean anything and the order was, in fact, random, but I’m convincing myself that I’m his favorite. You should also know that his blog, The Writer’s Advice, is one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure I read each and every post in its entirety (which is rare because sometimes I just can’t muster that kind of attention span). Besides the shout out, my duty here is simply to nominate five other deserving up and comers whose blogs have less than 200 followers. (Thought you were getting more fun facts, didn’t you? Haha, you have to wait until someone else thinks I’m awesome and nominates me for another award. Nana nana naaah nah!) And the nominees are (in my Academy Awards presenter voice): SBibbs’s Photo Illustration, Switzy Thoughts, Presents of Mind, BeKindRewrite, and Axolotl Ceviche. I must confess I have absolutely no clue how to tell how many followers a blogger has, so I just picked 5 more blogs I love. Please don’t report me to the Blog Award Police.

I would like to thank Whitney and Jai again for the awards, and if you’ll excuse me, I have to go email Twitter again…

Awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award!!!

Instantly I have turned into Sally Field, and I can’t stop exclaiming, “They like me, they really like me!” (I’m sure I’m not the only one to do this)

Thank you so much Tonya Kerrigan! Really, a million times thank you!

Ok, I have thanked the brilliant Tonya Kerrigan (just millimeters above, in fact) for the nomination and now I will attempt to fulfill the rest of my obligation, blabbing about myself and nominatiing other fabulous bloggers. Here goes!


List 7 Things About Myself That My Readers Will Find Interesting:

  1. I’m a tomboy. Don’t let the mascara and red lipstick fool you. I own more sports paraphernalia (jerseys, hats, t-shirts, etc) than I do high heels or little black dresses.
  2. I have six tattoos, one of which I obtained from a gigantic, barefoot, non-english-speaking Polynesian man in Tahiti. My husband and I each got one while we were there on our honeymoon. People think it was risky, but we have obviously lived to tell about it.
  3. Some aspects of my novel’s main character are patterned after me. Not the serial killer part though.
  4. I would love to learn krav maga,  how to shoot a crossbow, and how to throw a knife. But I swear I’m not a serial killer.
  5. I firmly believe zombies will take over the Earth one day as a result of overzealous medical research. Judge me if you want, but when it happens I won’t save you with my crossbow.
  6. I hate chick flicks, but my top three favorite movies are The Princess Bride, Pretty Woman, and The Runaway Bride. Go figure…
  7. I’m starving right now because I was so excited about this award that I skipped breakfast to write this post…That was two hours ago.


Nominate 7 bloggers, let them know they’ve been nominated, and provide their links.

And the nominees are:

  1. Jennifer M Eaton
  2. Joe Stories
  3. Life and Laughter
  4. Finding Subjects
  5. The View Outside
  6. Elizabeth Barrow
  7. Trust Your Story

PHEW! That was difficult! First I had to talk about myself (which I loathe), then I had to pick only 7 fellow bloggers to nominate. I’m exhausted. Very content though.