Jerks & Irks LXIII: A Bittersweet Return

The weekend before last, I went to Rehoboth Beach for a weekend writing retreat, as many of you may know. This past weekend, Hubby-pants and I went down near Atlanta, GA for our friends’ wedding. We returned late last night and, just as it was when I returned home from the retreat, home can be bittersweet.

Of course, coming home from the retreat was much less bitter and way more sweet because that was a Hubby-pants-less excursion and I missed him terribly. But today, after being in beautiful Georgia from Thursday to Sunday, I feel like I’m coming down with a case of the Mondays.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t hate our home, but hotels and lodges are so neat and clean (I think I mentioned that in my post about the retreat) and crisp-smelling. The beds are more comfortable, the pillows more decadent, and, for us, the temperature is easier to control. We arrived home late last night and we hadn’t had time to do the dishes before we left and we had also forgotten to take out the trash. I can’t describe the lovely aroma that permeated throughout our home after four stuffy days, during which Spring had finally decided to show itself and there was exceptionally warm weather. I think our bed is pretty comfortable, but the pillows leave something to be desired, for sure. (I’m in love with the down pillows the Hilton and the Hampton Inns use, but they’re like $80. Each.) And did I mention the house was stuffy and the weather had been warm? Our ancient thermostat dial read 80 degrees (F)! We don’t have central air, so we had to open the windows, turn on the ceiling fans, and suffer in silence until the place aired out and cooled down.

All in all, I’m missing digital thermostats and turn down service and squishily-fluffy down pillows, but I guess I’m a little glad to be home. If for no other reason than I get to start really promoting Blood in the Paint’s release, expediting the paperback release, and working on the next novel in the series, Blood in the Paper.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

6 thoughts on “Jerks & Irks LXIII: A Bittersweet Return

  1. I’m the opposite–I much prefer my home bed to hotels. Not that it’s any more comfy, but I just don’t sleep well in hotels. I think it’s that dry air. I always go through twice as much moisturizer when I stay in a hotel!

  2. Hotel beds drive me crazy! I can’t make my brain stop imagining the things that have taken place, there. And the possibility of the beds being left unwashed by someone who didn’t feel like changing them makes me nervous, also. Of course. I’m fun.

    Spring has been pretty nice. Eighties and seventies. But then it snowed, today. That was pretty odd.

    • See, I have those thoughts if it’s not a nice hotel. Like, when we went to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania last year? There were no nice hotels. Only motels. We picked a middle of the pack one and I didn’t sleep a wink. The pictures were crooked and the wallpaper was peeling in one place. You know that kept me up!

  3. I had a pretty good weekend, I met up (finally) with some of the members from my local NaNo Facebook group for a write in which was awesome and has served to motivate me out of the slump I was in 🙂

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