Have You Ever Considered Writing in a Different Genre?

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mel over at Coffee and a Good Book. She conducted the questioning via Facebook chat, so the conversation was very organic. I enjoyed the chat very much.

One of the questions she asked, which I don’t get asked often, was “Have you ever considered writing in a different genre?” In fact, I have considered writing in another genre. Over the summer of 2013, when I was taking a break from the Blood for Blood Series, I wrote a serialized novel that seems like it might border on YA. The two main characters are in their teens and members of a religious cult, living off the grid in the NJ Pine Barrens. I’m hoping that the material won’t be too dark for YA, though. Either that or I’m penning the world’s first YA psychological thriller (and I’m not sure if that’s as good an idea as it sounds…)

***To read the rest of the interview, click HERE***

How about you? Do you read multiple genres, wildly different from each other or do you stick to one main genre and its subcategories? If you’re an author, have you explored writing in different genres or do you “stick to what you know” in a sense?

6 thoughts on “Have You Ever Considered Writing in a Different Genre?

  1. I already write in multiple genres, so that’s not an issue for me. However, I’ve about written in all that interest me, so I doubt if I’d stretch to any of the others. Can’t force the muse into something “juss’ cuz.” It will suck and everyone will know it. Besides, why torture yourself. This is supposed to be fun.

    • Right, definitely can’t force it. The series I started that leans toward YA only happened because it made sense that the character trying to escape the cult would be younger. I could see myself writing in historical fiction or maybe something in the paranormal or dystopian genres. But I couldn’t force romance or steam punk or anything.

  2. My work could be described as science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal romance, GLBT romance, mystery, psychological thriller, and probably others. I hate trying to describe my books as being one particular genre.

  3. I’m not a writer but from a reading perspective I tend to be eclectic. Sometimes I pick a story for the genre other times the cover can catch my eye. I have found some amazing authors and stories that way. I also listen to what other readers have to offer on various stories and authors.

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