Jennifer Chase Analyzes The Grinch

I’ve been following award-winning author Jennifer Chase’s blog for quite a while. Most of the time she offers extremely helpful psychological insight that I usually end up earmarking for future use in one of my own books or stories. Recently, however, she posted a gem about the psychopathology of The Grinch. Below is an excerpt:

The Grinch. A criminal who tried to destroy a town but instead found rehabilitation and a chance to choose a different life path. With my interest in criminal psychology and Christmas just about a week away, I thought I would have a little fun and take a look at this character. Can we figure out what made him want to commit these acts against his neighbors? Can we peek inside the mind of the Grinch?

Now, the Grinch certainly is not as evil as some of the villains I have crafted for my novels, who rape and murder and terrify entire communities with their acts. But, the text shows he is guilty of breaking and entering, identity theft and burglary among other acts. Not petty charges, to be sure, and laid out wonderfully in this attorney’s blog post.

Hilarious, right? Read the rest of the post HERE. Happy Holidays everyone! And let’s hope the next time I post, my pants won’t be three sizes two small, like The Grinch’s heart!

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