Friday Feature: ME!

It’s been a while since I’ve taken over some corner of the internet. I missed it. I’d like to thank JM Kelley for having me over at her blog. Other than the opening questions, she had so many personal ones to choose from, it was hard to answer only five! I tried to keep it light and interesting. Here’s an excerpt:

Who are you and why are you here?

I am Jordanna East, an independent author-publisher of psychological thrillers and owner of two cats both named after food. I am here because screaming out of my living room window that I published a book and have another one on the way doesn’t seem to be working. I thought I might try some internet exposure. It’s quieter and the neighbors don’t complain as much.

If you ever get arrested, what will be the crime you’re charged with? 

That’s easy. Murder, mitigated by temporary insanity. I’m thinking road rage or someone in the express lane in front of me at the store has more than 12 items AND is paying with a variety of small coins.

Want to read more? No problem. Click HERE to read the complete feature!

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