5 Question Feature on A Knife & A Quill

Guys, I’m really excited about this one. A Knife & A Quill is one of my favorite blogs here on WordPress and though they have been deluged with review requests and haven’t gotten a chance to review Blood in the Past yet, they did grant me one of their 5 Questions features! Yay!

If you visit the A Knife & A Quill blog, I chat about how the Blood for Blood Series got started, the Indie Publishing scene, and my writerly crush on Hugh Howey.

Here’s an excerpt:

Do you find your work getting better with time and practice?

Absolutely! Even though I wrote Blood in the Paint, a full-length novel, first, I doubled back and wrote a prequel novella to introduce the series, Blood in the Past, which I released first. Now that I’m in the throes of revising Blood in the Paint, I can fully appreciate how much I have learned, not only from other writers (I have always been a reader, but I have increased my fiction reading by leaps and bounds since receiving a Kindle), but from bloggers, my betas, and my editor. I’m am really quite proud of the knowledge I’ve been able to absorb in so little time and I look forward to improving with each new release.

Read the rest HERE!


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