Hey You! Giving Away Stuff Over Here!

Okay, maybe I’m not technically giving away stuff over here per se, but if you travel through the vast lands of the internets, via a very insignificant click of your mouse/touchpad, you’ll find the blog of Lori Verni-Fogarsi. When I first released Blood in the Past back in June, I reached out to her, having helped her with her own new releases, and offered her a review copy. If you don’t know Lori, she pens some pretty popular chick-lit and women’s fiction, so I didn’t really expect her to read my little thriller, let alone enjoy it.

Well, enjoy it she did. When she finished reading it, she posted all over Facebook and Twitter and I was beaming like a proud mama bear that had just watched her cub snatch its first salmon out of the stream. Then she emailed me about hosting a giveaway…on HER blog! Holy salmon snatching bear cubs!

Today, folks, is the day of that giveaway. Lori has graciously donated a tote bag and a mouse pad from her own “Find Yourself in a Good Book” collection (images of which are on the official giveaway page), and I have, of course, donated two hand-crafted, customized bookmarks, to celebrate the recent paperback release. One bears a “Keep Calm” charm and the last line from Blood in the Past, the other bears an actual Blood in the Past cover art charm. The contest will run until Tuesday, October 15th, so you have plenty of time to enter. There are also about a dozen different ways you can enter on the Rafflecopter entry form, so what are you waiting for??? CLICK HERE!!!


8 thoughts on “Hey You! Giving Away Stuff Over Here!

  1. Love the way your personality shows in this post! Also, I feel very honored that you think so highly of me and my work! Seems we’re two of a kind!

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