The Proof is in the Print! Paperback is Here!


Today is the day!

Well, today is supposed to be the day. I approved the proof of Blood in the Past for paperback days ago, but so far it isn’t available yet on Amazon. I’m told it should be there within a day or so. No worries though. If you absolutely can’t wait, there’s always Createspace. It’s there right now for $6.99. And, of course, the lovely Tonya Kerrigan is holding a contest on her blog where you can enter to win a signed copy! (Hubby-pants thinks I should sign the winner’s copy with, “Thanks for the support! Love, Jordanna East #YOLO SWAG.” Yeah, I’m not gonna do that to you if you win. I promise.) So, head on over to Tonya’s blog, read my favorite excerpt from Blood in the Past, check out her amazing review (there are now 32 reviews, 20 of them FIVE STAR!), and follow her directions to WIN! Good luck! Go!


Gotta LOVE being able to HOLD your own book!

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