Blood in the Past by Jordanna East

I owe a huge thank you to the fabulous Tonya Kerrigan (who is also on my beta team) for not only taking the time out of her busy-ass life to read the final copy of Blood in the Past, but for writing such a beautiful and well-crafted review. AND, on top of all that, she is now hosting a contest so one lucky plucky duck can win a shiny new paperback copy (which, by the way, they debut this week!) Thank you, Tonya!!! No, go enter! Go, go, go!

Tonya Kerrigan's World

For all of you waiting…it’s Wednesday!  For those of you not in the know, today is my review and Jordanna’s favorite excerpt for Blood in the Past and a contest to win a signed book by Jordanna East! For contest instructions, keep reading…

First off, Blood in the Past was ranked #5 on Amazon’s list of serial killers. Read her book, and you’ll see why.

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Blood in the Past – An Excerpt

Lyla eased her car to a stop a few blocks away from his house. A low-hanging branch scraped the roof. Lyla cringed at the sound, almost as if it were begging Lyla to return her foot to the gas pedal. But she did not. She parked, drew 10 ccs of succinylcholine into the syringe, and slithered out of the car into the wet night. She hurried to her destination in a half-crouch, trying to blend into the darkness of…

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