Jerks & Irks LI (50): The Birth of a Domain Name

I’m very excited this week! The proof copy of Blood in the Past arrived at my doorstep last week. I scanned it, made a few changes, and it looks like my little novella will be available in print starting Wednesday, September, 18th. Right on time!

With this moderately monumental accomplishment in the works (yes, I’m aware that ‘moderately monumental’ is an oxymoron, but I think it’s fun), I decided to attempt to finally build a Blood Read Press website. I went with They seem to be the host site everyone goes to when they want an easy, free website and they don’t want their business to be associated with Danica Patrick taking her clothes off (ie

So, I sign up. Easy enough. First things first, three options: pay $40/year to register, use for free, or – if I’ve already registered – I can use that domain name and they will attach it for me. Of course, I don’t want to pay $40/year if I don’t have to. I Googled how to register a domain name and a site called came up. $5/year! Well, my stars and Milky Way bars, that’s a deal! I purchased my domain name. But at check out, I find that they added some kind of security thingy to hide my personal information from spammers for $11. I couldn’t care less, so I removed that item from my cart and went about my purchase, and subsequently, my life.

The next day, I received an email from informing me that since I didn’t sign up for their personal information security add-on, said personal information isn’t guarded against identity theft. Hold up. How did we go from SPAM to IDENTITY THEFT? Red flag, much? Scare tactic to get my money, maybe? I definitely think so. Especially since the email went on to say that my information – my name, email address, mailing address, and phone number – were now available on some WHOIS database. But that statement had an asterisk next to it…with the asterisk leading to a disclaimer that my info might not affect the WHOIS database at all. Absolutely shady. What a bunch of jerks.

Since my domain name has already been purchased for the year, there’s nothing I can do but stay with this shady little company and count down the days. I think I have 363 to go…

You get what you pay for, huh? But hey, Blood in the Past is in print this week! Eek! Giveaways and reduced ebook prices are on the way, too, so be on the lookout!

8 thoughts on “Jerks & Irks LI (50): The Birth of a Domain Name

  1. Congrats on Blood in the Past! That’s ridiculously exciting. 🙂 I’ve been looking around at possibly buy my domain through wordpress or register it with another site. There is some uber shady internety things going on out there. After reading this, I’m even more intimidated to branch out off wordpress. Hopefully the website will work out for you!

  2. I wish I had known you were looking. I originally was with GoDaddy back when I started, and then that whole SOPA and CISPA thing happened and I found out they were supporting it and I was like NOPE. So I found Hover through another blog site and I LOVE THEM. The WHOIS thing is automatically private in Hover’s costs I think it’s only like $10 a year or something like that for all of it. Easiest system I’ve ever used, GoDaddy was really cumbersome, but this is just a few clicks, so whenever your contract is up (or if has a 30 day return policy or something, some places do) I would definitely recommend Hover. 🙂

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