BLOOD IN THE PAST Will Soon Be In Print!

That’s right! I’m about to kill some trees!

When I first published Blood in the Past back in mid-June, I based my decision to offer it only as an e-book on my own reading habits and the reading habits of those closest to me. I read from my Kindle and only from my Kindle. It’s the most convenient form for me. I can read anywhere, without having to lug heavy books around in my purse. I can read at night, without needing a lamp on. If I finish a book while away from home, I don’t have to twiddle my thumbs, I can select a new book from the hundreds already on my Kindle or hook up to Wi-Fi and buy another. Most of my internet peeps feel the same way. Hubby-pants and I even got my mother-in-law a Kindle Paper White for Christmas last year and she loves it.

But after I published and I was all excited and posting FIVE-STAR-REVIEW excerpts on Facebook, friends wanted to support me. (Thank you, friends!) But they hadn’t yet embraced the digital era of reading. They kept asking if they “could buy the actual book.” I felt dumb responding that if they didn’t have a Kindle, they could download the Kindle app to most devices. While true, they just weren’t of the ilk who felt comfortable reading a book from a screen, even a rather short novella.

But guys, I majored in Biology in college. Charles Darwin was my homeboy. If you don’t adapt, you die out. That being said, the lovely folks at LionheART Galleries have reformatted Blood in the Past for print and the incomparable Kit Foster has expanded the cover.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00009]

Blood in the Past will be available for purchase September 18th!

What’s even better? I can do signings and events! I already have THREE lined up for October! So…I’ll be adding an EVENTS tab to the top of this site pretty soon. Keep an eye out!

Now for the best part! I know, your minds reel that there could be more…

In honor of this announcement, you can get the Blood in the Past e-book for only $0.99 today through the end of August (8/28-8/31)!

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