Just Beneath the Surface Re-release Day!!

I had the pleasure of reading a collection of excerpts and monologues associated with this re-release, entitled Where Were You?, and I highly recommend RH Ramsey’s emotionally raw and seriously gut-wrenching style of story-telling. Check out her blog this whole week to learn more about Just Beneath the Surface, which has been picked up by InknBeans Press! (Hence, the re-release…duh. Teehee.)


The day I have been excited about for quite some time, now, Monday, is the re-release date for Just Beneath the Surface – my first release as an Inknbeans author!

Take a look at what others have been saying!


Just Beneath the Surface Reviews:

I have never been in an abusive relationship. I have watched a LOT of true crime shows and read a LOT of true crime books that involve abuse and a woman staying in a relationship that clearly is going to escalate to hospitalization or even death. I can imagine those women having the same thought processes and rationales as Kendall. There’s a feeling after reading this book of having been behind the scenes to see something rare and the need to share that new knowledge with women or men who may find themselves in a similar situation.Kendall is unhappy with her relationship and looks to move…

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