Book Review: Blood in the Past by Jordanna East

A very hefty ‘thank you’ to Amanda Keeney for taking the time to read and review Blood in the Past! And a glowing review to boot! I’m so humbled…If you haven’t read Blood in the Past yet, you probably should. I wouldn’t want you to be left out. *Wink, wink*

One Lyric at a Time

Introducing Jordanna East

Jordanna East is a lovely lady. And over the past few days I have gotten to know her some.  She is very kind and a very talented writer.

Get to know Jordanna

Jordanna East readily confesses that she started writing a novel one day when she was broke and unemployed. Her cable had been turned off. SHE WAS BORED. So she sat down on her bed and started writing…and she hasn’t stopped. Though, now she has cable and pens her Psychological Thrillers at an actual desk. Blood in the Past is the prelude novella to her debut Blood for Blood Series, which follows three lives entwined by deaths and consequences, revenge and obsession. Also be on the lookout for The Word and the Way, a serialized novel revolving around a fanatical cult plagued by abusive and power hungry members, sexual abuse, and murder—and the young couple desperate…

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