What About BOB? A Guest Post from Jordanna East

A special thanks to my special cyber friend, Robert Chazz Chute for having me on his new blog for his serial novel, This Plague of Days. I forget how the topic of survivalism came up, but when it did, I offered to write this little piece on how my husband and I began taking steps to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I hope you find the post informative. I also hope you don’t try to come steal our stuff when the world ends. 🙂

This Plague of Days

jordanna 1No, not the early 90’s movie starring Bill Murray.B.O.B. = Bug Out BagEvery household should have one. Our household has two. (But we also have some kick ass weapons, so when the lights go out, don’t try to steal our stash.) You might think you don’t need one. But you do. One only needs to think back a few years to confirm this. Hurricane Katrina is the obvious example that comes to mind, with the Boston Bombing Manhunt (and subsequent city lockdown) as the most recent. But think about Hurricane Sandy or the NYC blackout last winter, which was related to Sandy. The people who were prepared surely had the easiest go of it.Hubby-pants and I weren’t always so prepared. Then I read Run by Blake Crouch. Then Half PastMidnight by Jeff Brackett (Now that dude was prepared!). And most recently, Stephen King’s Under theDome

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