An(other) Interview With Jordanna East

Thank you, Amanda, for graciously hosting me on your blog. And remember folks, JUST SAY NO to Bookstore Jobs!

Switzy Thoughts

Almost every writer I know (and many non-writers, too) want to work in a bookstore. Can’t you just imagine going in to work, surrounded by books, enjoying the peace and quiet, and occasionally helping a customer? Well, Ava Easterby (pen name Jordanna East) did work at a bookstore*. If you follow her blog–and I highly recommend you do–you’ve probably read some of her Jerks & Irks posts that talk about her job at the bookstore. That got me wondering if the dream job of working at a bookstore is really as wonderful as it sounds. Ms. Easterby agreed to answer some questions about her job so you can all get an idea of what it’s like.


Switzy Thoughts: I mentioned a lot of writers wanting work in or own a bookstore; did you share that feeling at all and did it contribute to your reasons for applying there?


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