Name My Series! Win Stuff!

In January 2012 I picked up writing my unfinished novel again. I gave myself a self-imposed deadline to have it finished by the end of the year. I know what you’re thinking: A whole year? To finish a novel you already had nine chapters of? What are you, chiseling it into a cave wall?

Gimme a break, guys. I was a newbie. Still am. Didn’t know how long it would take. Regardless, I still didn’t finish. I have a problem with over-editing before moving on. I might seek professional help as one of my New Year’s Resolutions. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m FINISHED NOW!!!!!

The aforementioned novel, Blood in the Paint, is done. First draft, at least. The prequel, Blood in the Past, is all typed up and ready for the first round of revisions before it goes to the editor. Eeek!

So, this is a series, guys. I’ll be needing a series name. I can’t decide so I’m asking you all to help me pick one. The winner recieves a swag bag. (I probably shouldn’t call it a swag bag because swag stands for Stuff We All Get and, well, frankly, you all can’t be winners. But I’m going to continue to call it a swag bag because swag bag is fun to say and it rhymes and stuff.) Specifically, the winner will receive a Jordanna East tote bag with all kinds of goodies inside based on the suggestions you provided last week. Journals. Pens. A calendar magnet. A T-shirt. Chocolate! Goodies galore! Enter the contest below!

So, to recap: Click this link for a Rafflecopter giveaway. See the examples of suitable series choices. Click I Commented to enter the contest. Return to my blog and comment with your series title choice. If you need more info, go to the My Books page. Bite your nails until February 9th when a winner will be selected to win a Jordanna East ‘Tote Bag Full of Swag’ (Journals, pens, a calendar magnet, a tshirt, and CHOCOLATE!).



40 thoughts on “Name My Series! Win Stuff!

    • Thanks for the luck! It really sounds gory to you? Hmm. It’s not horror. Can I ask what made you think ”gory?” I might need to change the blurbs if they come across that way.

      Any input about the series name, by the way?

      • Gory because of blood in the title, and someone bleeding to death. I’m a bit squeamish about blood – but I do read thrillers. I would say don’t give away how people die in your blurb? Up to you tho, of course!

        For a series name, are you basing the books always around one character – the detective/mystery solver? That’s where I would start.

      • Oh ok, squeamish about blood and ‘blood’ in the titles. Makes sense that you’d say it sounded gory to you.

        I suppose there are two characters that appear in all three books, but I don’t know if I want their names in the title. But I’ll give it some thought. Thanks for your input! And I hope you clicked the ‘I Commented’ box on Rafflecopter so you’re eligible for the prize!

  1. It’s hard to say because obviously we don’t know the story as intimately as you do, and sometimes it takes that kind of knowledge to get a good idea of what a series should be called. That said I’m thinking something like just a simple Blood series, or maybe Plasma if you want to get a little more medical about it. OOOH Blood Justice

  2. Blood for Blood is my favorite of the ones you listed, but you said you didn’t want the title to tie into the company name too much. Regardless, Blood for Blood sounds like it connects both stories and could definitely work with future books.

  3. What is the genre of the series- romance? Romantic Suspense?

    How about something like~
    Ties That Bind Series
    Threads of Blood Series
    Entangled Paths Series
    Sins of the Past Series
    Three Roads Converge Series (or paths rather than roads)

    Do you have a list of keywords that represent the specific themes that run through the series? Murder, death, infidelity, married men- things like that?

    • Taryn, definitely not romance. If you read the blurbs and something pointed to romance let me know. I’ll have to change it. The series is psychological thrillers. If you click on the rafflecopter link, there are 5 title examples of the theme/keywords. I’m trying to use Blood somewhere. I want to play on words. Murder and familial connections. Make sense?

      • No, nothing pointed to romance- I was just throwing those out there as examples of genre more than anything off the top of my head. I didn’t know what genre you were working on.

        I like the Blood for Blood Series (I posted before I saw the Rafflecopter questions) but I also like AJ’s Blood Justice suggestion. Or maybe Written in Blood Series. Bloodshed Series. Blood Ties Series. Bloody Truths Series.

        Hope you find something that feels right for it.

      • Good gosh you have a lot of good ones! I like Written in Blood and Bloodshed. And Blood Ties. Haha.

        I hope you clicked ‘I Commented’ on Rafflecopter so you can be properly entered into the contest!

  4. Can’t rafter using the iPad but want give you some assistance with the name…

    There is a series that is called blood ties by Armentrout released back in 2006 or there abouts… Three part trilogy ..

    • So that one should be reconsider as possible no go… But that’s just my opinion cause I could lead to some confusing readers looking for thing & finding something else…

      • Thanks for the heads up, Beckey! Definitely don’t want to be confused with anyone else.

        I hope you remember to come back later and check in with Rafflecopter to enter the giveaway. You have until Feb 9th.

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