First Order of Business: I Need Suggestions

Happy New Year Everyone!


I’ll be holding a giveaway soon. Eek! Don’t get too excited though…Details to come. But first I need help figuring out what exactly to give away. Hmmm. I have another Jordanna East tote bag and I wanna fill it with stuff. Here’s the part where you flood the comments section with suggestions. But before you do that, here are some suggestions thatΒ I just won’t accept.Β Β πŸ˜›

  • Live animals. Hubby-pants said we can’t have anymore pets and, though it would only be temporary, I still think he would be hesitant about holding a puppy hostage for a few days while I try to figure out how to ship it. I think the post office asks you if your package contains “biologicals.”
  • Organs. If you need a new liver because you drank too much over the holidays, this is NOT the place to find it.
  • Liquor. I will not contribute to the demise of your liver so that you think it’s okay to ask for a new liver during my next giveaway. Nice try.
  • Drugs. So now you’re trying to ruin your kidneys? No-sir-ee.
  • Blackmarket babies. I shouldn’t have to include this but some of you may be prone to thinking my international reach is unparalleled. It’s not. Not yet. But even then, no babies.
  • “Bald slavegirls.” That’s right. Here’s looking at you weirdo search term guy. Absolutely not.

So, outside of this handful of exceptions, I’m pretty much open to anything. What would you like to see in giveaway bag?

13 thoughts on “First Order of Business: I Need Suggestions

  1. How about one of those awesome I ❀ Blood Red Press shirts? And maybe a gift certificate for books? And a journal for all the ideas that spring forth at the oddest freaking moments.

  2. Oh god I laughed so hard. Lol. I would say definitely stuff that sells your brand, anything with your brand on it is a definite seller. Pens, stationary, notebooks, business cards, your tote bag of course, t-shirts you name it. And maybe a copy of your book like an ARC or something. πŸ˜€

  3. How about some of the interesting reads you keep telling us about. You’d probably end up donating them sometime soon anyways.

  4. Books always make good giveaways! And of course, you can include anything reading-related (things you might find at the gifts section of a bookstore — like pretty journals and perhaps bookmarks with your branding/website/blog info on them).

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