Introducing Blood Read Press…Continued

Last I left off on this little quest, I had to visit the Social Security Administration to change to my married name on my Social Security Card, since I thought that was what was holding me back from applying for my company’s Employee Identification Number on Here’s what’s happened since then:

  • I checked the website repeatedly to see if it would let me complete my application. It did not.
  • I checked some more. Way past the allotted “24-48 hours for it to change in their system” time period. No dice.
  • Received my new Social Security Card in the mail. Checked again. Still no dice.
  • Called 1-800-F*CK-IRS or whatever their number is and talked to a lovely lady stationed in a Midwestern office who spoke way too slowly for a native New Yorker such as myself to bear. I think her name was Susan.
  • “Susan” informed me that changing my name with the Social Security Administration had no bearing on the IRS’s records. Because why would government bodies communicate with one another?
  • “Susan” completed my EIN application for me over the phone. It took forever, given her midwestern sloth-speak. (No offense to Midwesterners. You guys have to know you speak slower. Feel free to make fun of New Yorkers. We’re mean, snobby, etc. Have at it.)
  • “Susan” then hands me some bad news. She can’t put my business in my married name. She has to put it in my maiden name c/o my married name. Because that’s not retarded.
  • At the end of the call, I received my EIN over the phone. Hooray! But I’m told that when it comes in the mail, I have to write the IRS a letter asking them to kindly remove my maiden name as the sole proprietor and to please just use my c/o name. And they could actually remove the whole c/o part, too.
  • Armed with my new EIN, I then go back to in search of how to apply for my Tax ID. After many, many minutes, I finally realized that EIN and Tax ID are the same thing. *Sigh*
  • A few days later I went to the bank to open a business account. Mary helped us. That’s definitely her name so I won’t be using any quotations when referring to her.
  • Mary hooked me up with a lovely little business account…except…
  • She misspelled my company name. Instead of Blood Read Press, she spelled it Blood Rad Press. Gosh dammit Mary! Hubby-pants says it’s because I over-emphasized the A when I spelled it for her. You see, it’s a pun. Pronounced Blood Red, so I’m sensitive about people misspelling it. Apparently a bit too sensitive. So that was exactly a week ago and my company’s business account is still listed as fricking Blood Rad. Yes, still. Way past the allotted “24-48 hours for it to change in their system” time period. I’m still awaiting the correction.

PS: The awesome Blood Read Press logo pictured above was designed by Kit Foster. He’s eleven flavors of awesome-sauce.

PPS: Make sure you stop by tomorrow to enter to win an Official Jordanna East Tote Bag!

13 thoughts on “Introducing Blood Read Press…Continued

  1. At least you got things figured out, though it took some time. You are, as always, hilarious. Thanks for sharing the trials and tribulations of starting up a company. Oh and I love the new page AVA.

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