How to Request a Book Review…In My Opinion

I recently received a tiny spate of book review requests. I was so excited that fellow authors/artists would even give a fluffy chicken’s rump what I thought about their work. But I quickly realized that there is a proper way to ask for a review, and a not so proper way to ask for a review. Of the three requests I received, one was ideal, which I’ll be focusing on here, contrasting it with the not so ideal requests. So, here are seven guidelines that I think should be adhered to when requesting a review.

  1. Email me. As opposed to sending me a direct message via my Facebook author page. Lame.
  2. Address me with my real first name (Ava). As opposed to my pen name (Jordanna).
  3. Familiarize yourself with me, my reviews, my blog, and my WIP. Treat me like a person, dammit. As opposed to something like, “I don’t know if you review music, but…” Yes, that happened.
  4. Connect what you’ve learned about me to why you think I’ll like your book. As opposed to claiming your book is listed as a “You may also like…” under the books I’ve already reviewed on Amazon. Especially when that isn’t true.
  5. Tell me what your novel is about. As opposed to copy and pasting a link that directs me to the blurb on Amazon so I can read it there.
  6. Offer a free copy of your book. As opposed to, well, not offering a free copy of your book.
  7. Thank me in advance for my time. Because it’s the decent, pleasant thing to do. Geez.


Now, I was going to include the review I wrote for Play Him Again, by Jeffrey Stone, right here in this post. Stone also penned that fabuloso review request and he’s just a pretty swell fella. But since I enjoyed his book so much, I’m going to give it its own post. A super special Saturday post. Look for it tomorrow. Because tomorrow’s Saturday. Duh.

12 thoughts on “How to Request a Book Review…In My Opinion

  1. Phew! Glad to say I was getting it right. Must admit was clueless when started. Guidelines much appreciated. Shared. 🙂 x

  2. Funny about the pen name thing. People address me as Robert and Chazz and several names not polite to air in public. I have to remember who knows me under what identity when I email them. So far, that’s mostly how my life is like Batman’s. (FYI: Working on finding a butler with combat paramedic experience with my blood type.) Thanks for the post. Good one and I’ll be in touch.

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