The Road to Happiness is Paved With Facebook Likes

A couple of months ago, I was confused.

My blog had almost 200 followers.

I had about 700 Twitter followers.

But only about 27 Facebook Likes?

What the jumpin’ jelly beans, right? I found it completely ludicrous that I wasn’t as popular on Facebook as I was elsewhere in the social networking stratosphere. I scratched my head in contemplation until I developed a bald spot that could only be concealed by awkward, out-of-date side-ponytails.

“I think the scrunchie really helps disguise that pesty bald spot, don’t ya think?”

Then Missy Frye, one of my fabulous tribemates (if you’re not familiar with Triberr, you should be), posted about World Literary Cafe’s linkytool to gain more Facebook Likes on your fan page. You simply follow the steps to add your page and then go through and like everyone else and watch the Likes roll in on your behalf as well. As stated, I started with somewhere around 24-27 Likes and instantly shot up to near 100 over a few weeks. They still trickle in here and there, so now I’m just under 120. Not too shabby. There are a few cons though. Let’s discuss:

1. There are over 800 pages listed. You obviously can’t like them all in one day. I usually like 15 pages per sitting. You also don’t have to like them all. If you happen to morally oppose certain content or themes, no one will publicly flog you for skipping those pages.

2. There are over 800 pages listed. Once you start really liking pages, your newsfeed can get a bit cluttered. But is that really a bad thing? Being aware of the trials and triumphs of other authors is inspiring. The memes they post are relatable. The articles informative. I say, suck it all in folks! But, honestly, a fair share of the pages aren’t really that active. Couple that with the fact that Facebook only allows about 10% of your fan base to even view each post, and it’s really not a big deal.

3. There are over 800 pages listed. During the first few weeks when the visits to your page are really pouring in, you’ll receive a lot of copy-and-pasted direct messages. At first you will be delighted by all the attention, but at some point, you’ll wish that, just once, someone would leave a personalized message. Then you get one. And it’s awesome.

For the record, World Literary Cafe is all in all just a fantas-balls community for writers. There are forums, articles, and even book promotions. Even if you don’t participate in the Facebook Likes thingy (there’s one for Twitter too!), you should still sign up.

Now go find your happiness! And like my Facebook page!

15 thoughts on “The Road to Happiness is Paved With Facebook Likes

  1. Not sure if that’s how we crossed paths or not on FB, but I did that too and you’re very good at summarizing the process cons 🙂 You should also put the FB like widget on your blog… people find me that way sometimes too.

  2. You do have the facebook widget on your page, but it is all the way at the bottom of the page. with the length of the blog even with comments you still have to continue scrolling down to find it. You might want to move it up the page, the awards are nice, but they don’t need to be in front of the facebook link.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I agree with you on the cons. If I’m opposed to the views or sometimes genre of the authors, I don’t hit the like button and I hope people would do the same for me. I don’t want the like button clicked just for sake of clicking. I wrote a post on it myself Why Do You Click the Like Button. I also have a page for one of my short stories and I know the majority of the folks that have liked it have not read the story. It sort of disappoints me. If I haven’t read a book or story, I’m not going to say I like it. Oh well.

    Great post!

  4. I’ve been moving the other direction. I had about 2,000 folks who circled me on Google Plus, but I decided that G+’s Douchiness Index (TM) is too high. So, once the Douchiness Index (TM) reached 6 people I blocked for each 1 I liked, I deleted my profile. I’m concentrating on those places where writers actually interact – which is my blog and FaceBroke.

    There are still douchebags there, but they are easier to get rid of.

    I got “rid” of my blog months ago because I realized that the majority of people didn’t actually read it. They just went and clicked “like” so I’d reciprocate. Which I don’t. I’m freaking busy. If I read your stuff, it is only because I like it and you. I actually killed the blog so all the “look at me” folks and the photo stealers (I had a few) would go away. Now I blog, but I don’t tell anyone.

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