Jerks & Irks XXII:: I Just Suck. Plain & Simple

About eight of you know that I was on vacation last week. At least that’s how many people seemed to care enough to read my blog posts. I’m not bitter or anything, I actually expected it. This is a writing blog. No one really wants to hear about my incessant search for wild horses or my mad, crazy sport fishing skills. What you do want to hear about, er, read about, is my writing. My journey, if you will, to self-publishing my first novel.

Did I adhere to the spirit of my journey while on vacation, you ask?

<Cue the long pause>

<Cue the crickets>

<Cue me pretending my phone is ringing in the other room>

Okay, I admittedly did not adhere to the spirit of my journey while on vacation.

When I packed, the spirit was definitely there. I brought the laptop, both notebooks, two writing books to hone my craft while on the beach, and one of my five thesauruses. See? Oodles of spirit. But I just didn’t do anything with it. I barely even checked my emails for heaven’s sake! I didn’t really tweet or post to Facebook. For the love of Pete all I did was blog about wild horses, lighthouses, and fishing. I’m such a jerk.

The only thing I managed to do was finish reading the book an author asked me to review. That’s it. I suck. Irksome, to say the least.  Therefore, the Jerks & Irks crown shall sit prominently upon my head like a dunce cap until next Monday.