Jerks & Irks XXI: My God, You’re Testy!

Okay, so I know I said on my Facebook page that there wasn’t going to be a Jerks & Irks today because I decided to write before going in to work at the bookstore, but you’re all in luck because the bookstore did not disappoint. Not only do I have a story, but it reminded me of another incident that happened several days ago that I’d forgotten about. Without further ado:

Several days ago…

We put out the Christmas stuff early because my boss is a bit extra-excited. Now, I know I’ve mentioned several times that it’s a warehouse-style store, so the majority of the books are laid out on large tables. We have a few shelves, but not many. Anyway, because of the lack of shelves and the overflowing tables, a few items are placed on the floor under the tables or up against the table legs. No big deal.

One particular customer came in and summoned me over to the holiday table. She stated that she was Jewish and pointed to a stack of children’s books about the Dreidel song piled on the floor. She said the store was being discriminatory against Jews because that particular item was on the floor but not any Christmas-related items. I pointed out that there were other Jewish/Hanukkah items on the table, but she was irate by that point. Then I saw that there was a stack of Polar Express books on the floor on the other side of the table. I pointed to them and asked the woman if she also thought the bookstore had an issue with Tom Hanks. For the record she didn’t think I was funny.


I put the Polar Express books on the floor because I didn’t enjoy Forrest Gump. The Dreidel thing was unintentional though.


Fast forward to today…

I had just walked in to begin my shift (and had barely hidden my notebook so I could sneak in some writing), and a couple approached the register, ready to buy several religious books and a couple of illustrated children’s bibles. I rang them up (anxious to get to my notebook), and the husband inquired about the sign on the front door about a 10% discount if you spend more than $20. I inform him that only applies to teachers, as it says on the sign. He says he’s a clergy member. I reiterate that the discount applies to teachers. He says the clergy is the same thing as teachers. I don’t tell him I wholeheartedly disagree (I mean, subjectively yes, but not really and definitely not in this context). I don’t pull out my recently purchased pocket thesaurus from my purse. I simply say, “I’m sorry, but you have to present a teacher’s card in order to receive the discount.” He tells me he has a card and digs through his wallet for what feels like eight minutes. Finally he pulls out a tattered business card that states he is a member of some clergy or another. Again I say that you must have an official membership card from the teacher’s association thingy, given my the administration of learning or whatever. Obviously, I’m stumbling over my words at this point because I’m trying not to tell him what to do with his clergy card. By the way, he would’ve only saved $3.10 on his purchase.

And I didn’t even get to go to my happy place (AKA the store-room where I hide sometimes and write).



**On another note, please look for my The Next Big Thing blog hop post on Wednesday. If you would like to participate in order to keep the hop hopping, please contact me via any way you feel like. Thanks**


17 thoughts on “Jerks & Irks XXI: My God, You’re Testy!

  1. Kind of crazy about that Christmas decoration thing–both that the woman felt it was discriminatory AND the fact that it’s only September. I’m lucky if my Christmas tree makes it up before the second week of December. 🙂

  2. I kind of love that logic.. Clergy is the same as a teacher? Not hardly, when’s the last time a priest taught you math? Or grammar or anything else teachers teach. I went to Catholic school my whole life and never once had a priest or even a nun teach me anything, so try again. You’re far more level headed than I. 🙂 PS: I’d love for you to do a guest spot for me whenever you can. I’m scheduled through til the 30th so if you’d like you can be the first blogpost of October. 😀

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