Holy Blogger Awards, Batman! (Last one, Scout’s Honor)

I’ve been busy clogging up the blogging world today, what with all my fantabulous followers nominating me for blog awards and whatnot. This is the third (and final) one:

This honor was bestowed upon me by Matt over at wantoncreation. Apparently he appreciates me or something. Personally, I think he’s just overjoyed that I’m also a tea enthusiast! Regardless, if you’re a writer, or a reader, or just a human being with an internet connection, you should strut on over to his blog.

The rules for this award are pretty straight forward, just like the rest: thank the brilliant mind that appreciated you, post the award image, tell the blogosphere what you’re up to these days, then nominate six more bloggers.

Right now, everyone should pretty much be aware that I’m writing a novel. It’s my first novel, a psychological thriller. My main characters are a female serial killer, a young cop determined to connect a series of seemingly unrelated deaths, and a psychologist with a questionable past. Their lives are colliding and intertwining rapidly and…well, it’s a doozy, take my word for it!

Matt awarded those who support his blog and all his endeavors. I’m nominating those whose blog posts help me with my own writing. I appreciate their knowledge and their willingness to help others, like me. In short, they’re awesome-sauce.

1. Jennifer M. Eaton

2. Stadler Style

3. The Writer’s Advice

4. write, aubrey, write

5. Word (en)Count(ers)

6. Writing and Rambling


Once again I’d like to thank everyone who has nominated me for an award this week. I’d also like to apologize because apparently my MO is to let said awards pile up and then bombard you all with a marathon acceptance post or just multiple acceptance posts in the same day. But thanks for being so patient guys! See everyone on Monday!


18 thoughts on “Holy Blogger Awards, Batman! (Last one, Scout’s Honor)

  1. Thanks so much! I’m flattered! It’s good to know someone is reading my blog and enjoying my posts. And your book sounds cool…real doozies (is that how you make doozy plural?) are always fun to read.

  2. Congratulations! As a human being with an internet connection, I’m taking your advice *struts*. p.s. I’m always envious of psychological thriller writers. It’s a talent, that’s for sure!

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