Holy Blogger Awards, Batman! (2)

This will probably be the only day I post more than once, so bear with me. I just posted a couple of hours ago about my 2nd Kreativ Blogger Award and now I’m going to blog about my Sunshine Award from the very bloggeriffic Kate Policani! She is an accomplished indie writer and everyone should head on over there and check her out. (PS: She said she likes my blog design and my photo! Score!)

So here goes. I thanked Kate, I added the award image, now here are my ten questions/answers, followed by some really radiant recipients (say that ten times fast!) of my Sunshine Award love.

1. What is your favorite childhood memory? I don’t really have one, but if a gun were to my head, I suppose I would chose the sleepovers with my godsister.

2. What is a real fear you have? I answered this in the earlier post, but to reiterate, if I lost my husband I would lose my mind.

3. How would you describe yourself? I wouldn’t, I’m too negative.

4. What is your style? I’m a bit of a tomboy. I like comfy clothes and I don’t wear heels unless I have to.

5. What is your favorite breakfast food? Double chocolate chip pancakes.

6. What are some of your hobbies? I’ve sunken all of my free time into writing (which I wouldn’t call a hobby since I want to eventually make a career out of it), but I used to enjoy drawing, painting, and being an overall Crafty McCrafterson.

7. If you could tell people anything, what would be the most important thing to say? The Yankees are the greatest professional team in the world. No, haha, I would tell everyone to tell their loved ones that they love them whenever they part because you never know if you’ll ever see them again (and you don’t want the last thing you said to them to be “Go Yankees!”)

8. What is one of your passions? Getting ready for the zombie apocalypse.

9. What is the one truth you have learned? Sometimes y0u have to let go.

10. There were only 9 questions on Kate’s blog so I have no idea what to ask myself. Feel free to ask me a tenth question in the comments section if you really think you’ll lose sleep over it.

Nominees (they all make me smile, just like a sunny day. Get it? Sunshine Award?)

1. Peri @ Life and Laughter

2. Tonya @ Tonya Kerrigan’s World

3. Ellie @ EllieBloo

4. Brenna @ How I Met Ted Mosby

5. alittletoohonest


Only five nominees because I have three awards to receive today and I’m running out of people! One more award later today and I’ll be done, I promise.

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