Tagged Twice? Pretty Nice!

Like an unsuspecting kid at recess who’s just trying to finish her pudding cup, I’ve been tagged, not once, but twice in the last few days. The lovely Yawatta tagged me with the Lucky 7 Meme, and the fantastic Ellie literally tagged me in the Tag-You’re-It Meme. So let’s get started!

For those who aren’t familiar, the Lucky 7 Meme allows writers to display a teaser of their work and pass it along to other aspiring writers. The novel, short story, poem, or other work can be complete or still a work in progress. The rules specify that I go to page 77 of my manuscript, skip to line 7, post the next 7 lines/sentences/paragraphs, then tag 7 more writers. Sadly, I don’t have 77 pages in my manuscript yet. I mean, I would if I double-spaced it, but until I have to pass it off for review or submit it to an agent or publishing house, I really just don’t wanna. But, in the spirirt of participation, I’ll post 7 lines from Chapter 7. This works out for me especially well since the last snippet I posted was from Chapter 6.

“Lyla hadn’t quite composed herself yet as she pulled into the parking lot in front of the fitness club at which she was a long-time member. She always kept a duffle bag full of gym necessities in her back seat, which she reached for now. As she strolled through the lobby towards the back of club, where the locker rooms were located, every head turned to admire her, including two men who were stretching near the treadmills. Even though she was emotionally distressed, her radar was functioning just fine; right before she entered the locker room, she smiled at them as she noticed the subtle shimmer of the sunlight off one of their wedding bands, She couldn’t believe her luck.” 

*Writer’s Disclaimer: that passage was not edited. Please refrain from commenting about my passive prose, or adverbs, or gigantic run-on sentence. I usually edit the snippets as I post them, but today I don’t feel like it.

**First Tagged Blogger’s Disclaimer: That wasn’t quite 7 sentences and was way more than 7 lines, but that’s what I’m going with. KK? Also, I will not be tagging others because the writing bloggers I know either A. Have already been tagged, B. Don’t share their work here, or C. Won’t participate because they’re too cool for school (And I respect that, just for the record).

Next up is the actual TAG Meme, which is basically a way to snoop into the psyches of your fellow bloggers. Just kidding. The rules stipulate that I answer the question posed to me, then pick 11 fellow bloggers to tag and ask questions of them. Apparently I must ask a different question of each person. No prob. *Cracks Knuckles* Let’s do this. By the way, for an unexpected quirky twist, I’m going to pick the bloggers and Hubby-pants is going to pick the questions. *tee-hee*

The question posed to me was: What is your greatest fear? My answer to that is: having children. That terrifies me. I have no maternal instincts. I don’t coo at babies in strollers. I have the bare minimum of patience allowed by nature. Stickiness repulses me. You get the picture. But that’s technically my second greatest fear. My absolute greatest fear is losing my husband. If I lose him, I’ll lose my mind. Literally. And no, he didn’t make me write that since he’s right next to me.

And here are my tag-ees and their respective questions (Again, the questions were chosen by Hubby-pants, so I should maybe apologize ahead of time, not sure yet):

*Second Tagged Blogger Disclaimer: Hubby-pants doesn’t “know” you, or read your blogs every day, therefore he didn’t ask soul searching questions. I was tickled by his ice-breaker-type questions seemingly aimed at a shy 5th grader, but if you weren’t, I apologize. But he’s cute and I like him.

So, I’m finally finished with this post! Yay! See you back here on Friday!



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