A Poll: Will You Care, Should I Dare to Share?

Rhyming soothes me…

As you may remember, part of my impromptu To Do List so I don’t suck at life this week was to work on revising and polishing my first chapter so that if in the slim chance someone at the ASJA conference asks to see a sample of my work, I have one. I even went to so far as to look up some pointers for writing a good first chapter. Anyway, after about an hour with my new beloved whiteboard, I am trying to decide if I should post the first chapter here for critique, since said whiteboard did not come equipped with a living, breathing soundboard.

So, for tomorrow’s post, should I post my first chapter here and invite constructive criticism? Or should I just be my usual, witty self? FYI: I already have a funny plan B post in case the response to the poll is, “Frick off lady, no one cares about your novel or your whiteboard!

Please VOTE!

19 thoughts on “A Poll: Will You Care, Should I Dare to Share?

  1. Have you tried Absolute Write’s share your work section? It’s a password protected forum where you can post and critique others work. The only reason I’m not voting, is because I wanted a third option, “Yes, post your work, but in a safer place.” (Yes, I know I’m paranoid.)
    Absolute Write’s forum is here: http://absolutewrite.com/forums/

    • I haven’t heard of it, therefore haven’t tried it. I’ll def look into it though. Do you really think it would be unsafe to post my work here? Its been emailed to me, as well as mailed to me (you know, ”the poor man’s copyright”).

      • Anything you write is automatically copyrighted. But that won’t stop people from stealing stuff if you are good at what you do. You could always put up small scenes rather than full chapters. I see a lot of people do that.

      • Yes, I met a copyright lawyer this past weekend who said that everything you write, even your grocery list, is technically copyrighted. I’ve been posting snippets here and there, so I think I will just stick with that so when the book is finished, people will have to buy it and not just read it on here.

  2. I’m not gunna vote because, although I’d LOVE to read it, here in the UK we’re told that if you post your work to your blog it’s already considered “published” even if only half a dozen people read it.

    Which is why you will never see my stuff (regarding THE NOVEL) online.

    Sorry, I sound like such a part pooper don’t I? Lol 😦


  3. I would say post it somewhere safer! I’ve been thinking about posting my short story but it still makes me nervous that its just out there for anyone to copy and paste.

  4. I don’t like the loaded nature of the question … seems a tad pushy. So I said no. Maybe you were tying to be kookie and funny – but I found it off putting. But there again I’m English – so what would I know.

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